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  1. Jewels Nathanson says

    Hi Melissa,
    I am so very grateful for your web site and all the valuable information about everything you have provided.
    Thank you so very much!

    We will be in Bali for 10 days and are staying in Seminyak and Ubud.
    There is so much to do, see, explore, experience etc and your site is so very helpful.

    We would so appreciate a recommendation for a driver?
    We want to optimize our trip and someone knowledgeable will be so valuable.

    If you don’t know anyone do you have a recommendation on how to find someone who is knowledgeable and of course trust worthy.

    I am also hoping to fully understand besides avoiding tap water for drinking and brushing teeth any other things?
    Can you have drinks with ice cubes, coffee or tea made with water? Vegetables, fruits ?

    Any immunizations you recommend?

    If have doctor’s note on purpose and dose of prescription meds is this ok?

    Anything else we should be aware of and know.

    I don’t know why but I feel very nervous about the trip, the long flight and being so far, but am ahead of time will help me feel more comfortable and confident. I know we will have an amazing time. I think I just need to really be very prepared.

    Thank you sooo very ,much!

    Where do you currently live?
    I love that you have been so adventurous and been, traveled , seen , explored so many amazing places.
    I was much braver when I was younger, but I want to learn to be again!

    All my very best,
    Jewels Nathanson

    I also tried to send you this message in an email. Thank you

  2. Mary O'Hara says

    Thank you, Melissa, for your wonderful site/blog. I am going to Bali later this year and wanted to know if you, or a friend, can recommend several options for yoga retreats (for beginners) in Abud? I appreciate it so much!

  3. Melissa,

    Thank you so much for all your information. My husband and I are planning our first trip to Bali this June and your website has been a HUGE help!

    We plan to create an account for our e-VoA in early June (within 30 days). However, I have a couple questions regarding arrival into Ngurah Rai airport. You mentioned doing the customs declaration online as well as the tourist tax. Do you know how early I can do both of those?

    Thank you for your time.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Ria, for custom declaration, you can just do as you’re waiting to board the plane in the airport. For tourist tax, it’s a new system so I have yet to use it myself but I believe you get the QR code right away so you can just pay 1-2 days before your arrival in Bali.

  4. Hello Melissa,
    We are planning a trip to Japan in April and your posts have been so helpful.  One thing we have found very confusing is the JR Pass and the Pasmo card.  

    JR Pass-We already purchased the 7-day pass but are confused if we can reserve actual seats on trains from the US before getting to Japan and if so, how we would do that? 

    Pasmo-Should we get the Pasmo Passport or the regular Pasmo? It looks like we can buy it from the US from my iphone/Apple Wallet.  Or should we get it when we land in Japan

    What do you recommend for these two things?

    Thank you so much and thank you for all of your posts!!

    • Melissa says

      hey Jane – for JR do the seat reservation when you get to Japan. You can do it at the JR station before your trip. can i know where you’re planning to go? only certain routes can be reserved online.

      For Pasmo – just get the iphone wallet one. It’s easier to refill. you can get it now or when you land in Japan. It doesn’t matter since it won’t run out.

  5. Hey Mel hope you are doing well.i read thru your trip and itineraries for Melbourne and was wondering if you have something similar for Sydney as well.
    I wanted to explore Melbourne and Sydney with my family especially my teenage daughter for a short Christmas trip of 7 days. Pls do let me know if you have something
    Thanks much!


    • Melissa says

      Hey RJ, no unfortunately I don’t have anything in Sydney! I’ve been there twice, but it was 5 years ago. Maybe I’ll try to write based on what I know

  6. Hi Melissa, do you have a youtube channel? Been reading your blog while researching for our Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe trip. Which sim card would you recommend and should we get the Kintetsu Rail pass or just use the ICOCA card? Thank you

  7. Ms Stan says

    Hi Melissa,
    My bestie and I planning a trip to Tasmania end of Sep23. Read yr blog on the 5days road trip. I hve 10days to spare there. Regarding the wineglass bay…is there a way that i can drive up to get the best view of it. (Do u know of it?) Or maybe still hve to walk but not too difficult?🤣

    Our main priority is actually to try to catch the aurora ( southern lights)🤭
    Any suggestions of where we should or must visit while there? As for the national parks in Tasmania, i understand we need to pay entrance fees…is it advisable to get it in advance? 
    Thanks in advance🥰

    Ms Stan

  8. M-NG says

    Hi Mel,
    I am a Singaporean too, been to LA twice, only for quick 2-3 days biz trips.

    This time, I am going to spend quite sometimes in LA around 5 days (excluding Anaheim) with sponsorship from my two kids for my big birthday. Your LA guide is fantastic, helps me to rekindle my love for LA and hopefully to truly enjoy LA/Anaheim.

    If there is any more great recommendation, i would love to hear from you.

    Stay safe and have a great life ahead.

    • Melissa says

      Hey M-NG, thank you for leaving this really nice comment 🙂 I hope you enjoy your time there! I suppose, since you’ll be in Anaheim you’d have to stop by Disneyland. It’s great for all ages!

  9. Monika says

    Hallo Melissa,
    das Visit Japan Formular hat für mich folgende Tücke , welche ich nicht zu beheben weiss : entweder nimmt er nicht die Email, oder es ist das Passwort.
    Wie muss denn das genaue Passwort ausfallen ? Genau 10stellig,oder ?
    Für eine Antwort wäre ich dankbar .-)
    Liebe Grüße

  10. Adrian Prince says

    Thanks for your very clear post about the eVoA for Indonesia. I’ve been lots of times (since 1985) including living there for two separate years but this will be our first eVoA. If blogs had been around 60 years ago, I might have set one up.

  11. Jenna Usilton says

    Hello, how old were you when you started you’re blog ? I am 21 and thinking of starting a travel blog myself because I have such a passion for it. Also, I am not the best at English grammar/ spelling and was wondering do you have someone read over you’re post before posting it?

  12. usmahanif says

    This is our first time we were planning 3 days in tokyo and 3 in either kyoto or osaka not sure which one will be beneficial with kids pls let me know which places we can visit in tokyo and kyoto/osaka

  13. Adrienne says

    Hi Lin,

    I just found your blog while planning a trip to Japan for me and my daughters (Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo). Your blog has been exactly what they would enjoy doing so thanks for putting so much into it. We can’t wait to visit in the spring. I noticed your nail art and wondered if there is a place that does that in Tokyo that you can recommend? Or are they easy to find on our own?

    Looking forward to using your itineraries.

  14. Jane smith says

    Hi mel,
    My name is jane smith, me and family of 3 kids (5,5 and 12yr old) planning to have a holiday for 7 days in japan ,main purpose is disney land for kids .Can you advice me what else we can do as the older one want to experience bullet train pls advice
    You blog is really good and very informative



    • Melissa Hie says

      Hi Jane. Are you only staying in Tokyo? if so, and if you’re flying into Narita Airport, then your best bet on riding a bullet train is probably the Narita Express. Otherwise you won’t get on bullet train if you’re just in Tokyo since it’s mostly for long distance travel. If you’re going to Kyoto and Osaka too, then you can take the bullet train to those destinations from Tokyo.

      • Thanks mel

        This is our first time we were planning 3 days in tokyo and 3 in either kyoto or osaka not sure which one will be beneficial with kids pls let me know which places we can visit in tokyo and kyoto/osaka



  15. Rachel says

    I’m really interested when and how you went about starting your food writing. I have been wanting to get in travel writing and as a single girl; it’s seems very hard to travel solo.! Do you have tips or ways to take for first trip with a group??

    Btw Cool insta

  16. Sumit Chaudhary says

    Hello there,
    I am from India and your huge fan and follows you on instagram regularly. I want to travel the the world, explore different countries, food, languages, cultures, histories, people but was never able to make a decision. I am hugely inspired by you and want to work and travel with you. Please give me a chance to full fill my dream of travelling the world with my inspiration and real life hero.

  17. Nadia says

    Hello there,

    I enjoyed your blog about Japan. Seems very informative and helpful. One question for you. Did you have any issues with Klook? I just purchased the bus passes through Klook and now I’m seeing the bad reviews. Please advise. Anything helps.

    • Melissa Hie says

      Hey Nadia, I had no issues with Klook, but do read on individual reviews of the activities you are booking, since each activity is run by different operator!

  18. Azalia Qisthi says

    Hallo kak melissa,
    Saya Azalia, Program studi Usaha Perjalanan Wisata di Politeknik Negeri Bandung akan mengadakan Acara “Kompetisi Pariwisata Indonesia” dan kami sedang mencari pembicara untuk talkshow di acara ini. Boleh saya minta kontak whatsapp nya untuk membicarakan lebih lanjut?

  19. Kristina says

    Hello Melissa!

    I am Kristina.

    I read about your post to Rinjani. After reading it, I felt a sense of relief honestly as it will be my first time in this coming May. May i know if you need to book in advance for this package and porter or could we do it over there?

    Thank you!

  20. Charlotte says

    Dear Girleatworld,
    I am thinking of starting a food blog or instagram. I want it to be accessible to anyone, and cheap. I like instagram because of that, and am wondering what you do to make a good feed on instagram and gain followers. But, food blogs are so cool! What platform would you recommend for a free-cheap blog? Also, if you have any other advice,(like deciding a name) that would be a huge help!

    Thank you,
    Charlotte Wolford

  21. Jakob Hennage says

    hi, im doing a project on you for school, I was wondering if I could had an interview over Facebook or something just to get help & more cool information about you?

  22. Joelle Dunklin says

    Just watched the episode on Netflix. Awesome. We have Canta Rana on our to do list and I’d love to try the dishes you had. Do you have the names of the dishes you ate there? Thanks!

  23. thewonderblog says

    hello gorgeous im back with the wonder blog , i dont know if you have heard of it but its an interview where a few selected ladies get questioned by me about themselves their experiences and views on almost everything and the whole interview gets published on my blog, so i was wondering if i could ask the wonder herself to help me out?

    Im kris from the Wonder Blog and i would love to interview you if my proposal sounds interesting to you mam

  24. doggidoo356 says

    I watched your episode on Sydney …the references to Australia having a basis from Convict food is really insulting to me…and the laughs..really ??? Why try to establish an untruth ? Did Australia require asian people to bring it food.?? Why were all the European background restaurants and sea food restaurants ? Sydney is a huge melting pot of people from every country in the world…please be careful of creating racism towards Australians.

  25. Brenda says

    My name is Brenda. My husband and I have been inspired by your blog in the sense that we decided to try a new dish from around the world each week at our dinner table 🙂 YUM!!
    On a more less related note… And simple out of envy… I was wondering where you purchase your simple elegant dresses you have worn on your trip to Tokyo and Milan
    Thank you for your interesting and delicious blog!

  26. 雷师捷 says

    Hi Melissa
    My name is LEI Shijie from China and I’m a director from a Chinese tv show called Day Day Up. We are going to produce a program at the end of this month. The theme is about Ice Cream. We have seen many beautiful photos on your webiste and instagram. We think your unique experience on trip and food would contribute a lot to our show. So that we want to invite you to China to our show. I wonder if your are interested in it and I can also send you more information about our show later so that you can have a deeper understanding of our show.
    Thanks in advance and look forward to your reply.

  27. LEI Shijie says

    Hi Melissa
    My name is LEI Shijie from China and I’m a director from a Chinese tv show called Day Day Up. We are going to produce a program at the end of this month. The theme is about Ice Cream. We have seen many beautiful photos on your webiste and instagram. We think your unique experience on trip and food would contribute a lot to our show. So that we want to invite you to China to our show. I wonder if your are interested in it and I can also send you more information about our show later so that you can have a deeper understanding of our show.
    Thanks in advance and look forward to your reply.

  28. Just watching the German report from Berlin. Great show overall. I like the idea of reporting on different foods and some of the tips and hints throughout the show. However, one thing that was terrible was the back ground music throughout the show. It was southern Bavarian music not heard, played or listened to in the north. German people are very musically talented and have great music, but the music is very regional. A suggestion for future shows, play music in the background which would be played in the region you are reporting on. Minor thing, but somewhat important. Great show, keep it up! 🍻

    • Melissa Hie says

      Hey Ingo, thanks for the message but this blog is not related to the GirlEat World tv show. We just happen to have the same name!

  29. Chiara says

    Hi Melissa, how did you finance the trip ? You had some sponsors ?

    • GirlEatWorld says

      Hi Chiara, most of the time (99%) it’s funded entirely by my savings 🙂 If it’s a sponsored trip, I would note it otherwise on my blog / instagram post. As of today (June 3) I have only gone on one sponsored trip to Australia!

  30. Lin says

    Sorry 1 more question…did you get the Telstra Prepaid 30AUD starter pack?

    • GirlEatWorld says

      Yeah I did, and I got the 2gb data plan with it (no voice calls)

  31. Lin says

    Hi Melissa

    My name is Lin from Singapore and I just stumbled upon your FB and blog while researching for my Darwin & Alice Spring trip this coming Aug. Glad to find an Asian and from Singapore some more that has just been to these 2 places recently! I always find the opinions or reviews from persons of similar heritage/race/age to suit my interests better compare to caucasians ;P So hope you do not mind me asking a couple of questions which I have not been able to find online so far.

    Is network readily available in this 2 places especially in Uluru other than hotel or cafes that offer free wifi as I will also be taking the 3 days camping trip to see Ayers Rock? I am thinking of renting the wifi egg or portable wifi but not sure if there will be reception at all for me to receive wifi. Do you mind to share how do you have access to internet while there? Did you buy the local sim card?

    Where did you stay while in Darwin and Alice Spring? – YHA?? Are they clean?

    After my Uluru trip I will stay in Darwin for 5 nights – do you mind to share good and not so expensive places for meals? and any places to recommend us that we can visit or explore while in Darwin?

    Thanks in advance and look forward to your reply.


    • GirlEatWorld says

      Hey Lin, always happy to share!!

      Network coverage – i got a local sim from Telstra from a guy from HWZ (email me if you want contact). Their coverage was pretty awesome! It was spotty throughout the national parks, but once you get to a campsite I had full reception. Also in remote areas some other people who had Optus and other network sometimes don’t have reception while my Telstra still gets 1-2 bars. In Ayer’s rock I had a little bit of problem when I was in the township (Yulara), but I could still get network at the town square and hotels area. The only complain I have is 2gb was not enough for 16 days for me, but I am a heavy data user. Free wifi was difficult to come across in Yulara / Uluru though… Even the coffee shops didnt have any.

      Accomodation – Yes i stayed in YHA for both Darwin and Alice Springs (since I was sponsored by them) and I have no complaints. The Darwin one requires about 5 min walking to town, which i didn’t mind but there’s another more central hostel which I forgot the name (something backpackers). For Alice Springs YHA it was awesome all around, both location and cleanliness.

      For things to do in Darwin – definitely explore the markets if you are there on a weekend. Mindil beach market is a must (thurs and sun), then there are Parap, Nightcliff and Rapid Creek (check their opening days). I visited the museum since it was free. You can also visit the crocosaurus museum (not free, but awesome if you want to get clear view of the crocs!) or the war museum (I didn’t have time).

      Another tip for Darwin – you can pay $7 for all day bus pass. If you pay the $3 fare it’s also good for 2 hours of unlimited transport on the bus, not just a single fare!

      • Lin says

        Thanks a lot Melissa for e info n tips! Yes I would like the contact for the Telstra sim card please.

        Any restaurant in Darwin that u can recommend too?

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