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Semiyak Guide: All My Favorite Places in Seminyak, Bali

Having been to Bali multiple times in the past few years, I’ve naturally developed a list of favorite places I love visiting every time I’m there. Today I’m sharing with you my favorite places in Seminyak – everything from restaurants, spas, and beach. I’ve had consistently good experience at these places and I hope you will too!

Kilo Bali

Kilo is one of my favorite restaurants in Singapore so when my friend Jess and I found out they opened a branch in Bali a few years ago, we had to give them a visit!

I’m so happy to report that the quality of Kilo Bali remains consistent to their Singapore counterpart.

My favorite corner at Kilo Bali

My favorite corner at Kilo Bali

If you come here for dinner, their menu pretty much mirrors the one in Singapore – down to even the cocktails. The only difference is the price, which is about 30-50% cheaper than Singapore! We ordered the entire menu that night (not even an exaggeration) and ate and ate and ate until I felt sick that night… but everything was consistently good. When I visited them for New Year’s Eve later, they had a holiday special menu of 6-course meal for Rp. 400,000 (US$30). Of course, I had to get it! Such a great deal!

As with their Singapore counterpart, Kilo’s menu is ever-changing. Thankfully my favorite dishes always seem to stay –  Wasabi Tuna Tartare and Seafood Ceviche. If you want to try a cocktail, I would recommend A Sure Thing which is made of vanilla infused vodka, cucumbers, mint, and lime.

But if you come here for brunch/lunch, their menu is different than dinner. I recommend getting the Tofu Rice Bowl – I’m not even gonna lie, I actually got this because it has Tempe in it! I love Tempe. Aside of that, I was not disappointed at the dish as a whole – it is a very nice twist to local Indonesian taste. Mixing Tempe in a curry is actually one of my favorite ways to eat it, and serving pickled red shallots on top of tofu reminds me of another dish from West Java that I love – Tahu Gejrot.

Tofu Rice Bowl at Kilo - tofu, tempe, thai curry, corn fritters, quinoa

Tofu Rice Bowl at Kilo – tofu, tempe in thai curry, corn fritters, quinoa and soft boiled eggs

That tempe though

That Tempe though


We actually found Nook by accident. It was just around the corner from our accommodation in Umalas, but we loved it so much we ended up coming back here three times in the three days of our stay… pretty much breakfast every single day. (That’s why I have so many pictures at Nook…)

Nasi Goreng and Smoothie Bowl at Nook

Nasi Goreng and Smoothie Bowl at Nook

Why do I love Nook so much? Where do I begin… First, I find their menu to be very affordable and the portion most generous out of all the eateries we tried here in Seminyak. Second, they have a good option for both western and local dishes. Third, their location is amazing! They are located right next to a rice field which I can just stare at all the time. You should definitely try to get a table next to the rice field to maximize your eating experience.

From the local menu, I recommend getting Nasi Campur. This dish is a must try in Bali. Campur means “mixed” and Nasi means “rice”, so the dish is just a mix of whatever side dishes they happen to have that day, served with rice. I also recommend getting any of the Smoothie Bowl. My favorite smoothie bowl is Iluh with the dragon fruit. Their western options are pretty good too – I loved the Smashed Avo toast!

Nasi Campur, Smashed Avocado and Smoothie Bowl at Nook

Nasi Campur, Smashed Avocado and Smoothie Bowl at Nook

Breakfast Platter and Smashed Avo at Nook

Breakfast Platter and Smashed Avo at Nook

Nook does dinner as well but I haven’t made it here for dinner yet. Let me know if you have!

Nalu Bowls Shelter Cafe

I’ve actually just discovered this cafe on my most recent visit to Bali, thanks to my friend AP’s recommendation. The cafe is located on the second floor and is an open-air cafe with plenty of green plants around. Super cozy!

The decor at Shelter cafe is amazing

The decor at Shelter cafe is amazing

They have some food options but I was there only to try their acai bowl. If you’re just here for the bowls, you can actually sit at the bar downstairs (but the seatings are more convenient up here). I highly recommend getting Mavericks, their signature bowl – it’s the first one on their menu, you can’t miss it. This is hands down the best acai bowl in town!

Nalu Bowls (Top: Macaronis, Bottom: Mavericks) and Jamu

Aside of the bowls, you can also try getting Jamu, an Indonesian traditional herbal drink I had been drinking since I was young. Indonesians believe Jamu has health benefits, especially for women. It is traditionally sold on the street by women carrying the Jamu ingredients on their back, and when you call them over they’d mix the Jamu fresh in front of you. Sadly this tradition is difficult to find now but I started seeing Jamu popping up as drinks at the organic cafes like this one.

Hog Wild

Hog Wild is a crowd’s favorite, and conveniently located at the heart of Seminyak on Jalan Batu Belig. They specialized in barbecue ribs, so that should tell you what kind of menu you should be expecting. I recommend getting, aside from the obvious Pork Ribs rack in Wicked Sauce, the Crispy Skin Pork Belly as well and their Margarita, which comes with a surprise dance – i’m not gonna spoil you what it is 😉

Sundari Spa

This is another recommendation from my friend AP. They are located on Jalan Petinget, which is close to Nook. The best way is to book them is through WhatsApp at +62 811-387-222 – they have a business Whatsapp account and will respond promptly. Having a WhatsApp account is also generally very useful in this part of the world!

You can also book and pay online . However, do note that even though you have paid online, you still need to wait for their confirmation via email / SMS (text message) for your booking. I highly recommend you go the WhatsApp route instead.

The massages here are slightly more expensive than usual. For example, Balinese Massage was US$28 for 90 mins. But I think it’s worth it because of the top-notch quality, and the new and luxurious facilities. My only tip here? Book for 120 mins massage. 60 or 90 minutes will feel way too short!

Double Six Beach

Sunset at Double Six Beach

Sunset at Double Six Beach

Yeah, I know Double Six is super touristy, but it is still one of the best locations in Bali to enjoy the sunset with some drinks. And you know how unreal the sunset can get in Bali when it’s a good day so you definitely want a good spot! They have tons of bars and cafe lining up the beach with bean bags, where you can just sit and relax at the end of the day before dinner. You can order cocktails, beers or smoke some shisha while at it!

Alright, that rounds up my Seminyak recommendations. Comment below with your own recommendations and let me know so I can check them out next time I’m in Bali!

Are you looking for more places to visit during your stay in Bali? Be sure to check my other Bali posts. If you are heading out to Ubud, you can also check out my guide for Ubud.


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