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Photolog from Burma: Bagan

If you follow me on instagram, you probably remember that I went to Burma with my good friend @sceetheworld earlier this year, in January. It was beautiful. When presented with such amazing sceneries, I become terrible with words so I’ll let the pictures do (most of) the talking.

(Don’t worry, I’ll still have some useful Burma travel information here)

When we first landed in Bagan, it was super early in the morning. We took the 7am flight from Yangon and landed at 8am. Our hotel didn’t have a room for us to check in yet, so we did what anyone in their sane mind would do – we grabbed (rented) an old Japanese bike from the hotel for 2000 kyat (US$2) a day and biked around entire Bagan of course!

Biking around Bagan

Biking around Bagan

That proved to be the best decision we made that day. As soon as we biked out of our hotel, it was clear that it would be difficult to run out of things to do in Bagan. The streets were peppered with thousands of temples, left and right.

Inside one of the temples

One of the four bug buddhas inside one of the temples

We ended up having way too much fun that we forgot to go home until the sun has completely set, which meant we were out biking and hanging out among the temples for over 10 hours!

Locals praying at the temple

Locals praying in a white temple

The most memorable thing about Bagan is that while the entire city is touristy, you never seem to run out of space. Because there are so many temples out there, we were able to hang out in one of the medium sized temples, completely free of other tourists for over an hour.

We had one of the temples to ourselves

We had one of the temples to ourselves

You are required to take off your shoes in all of the temples… including socks. Locals take this very seriously, so please respect their tradition! If you hate dirty feet just bring some wet wipes to clean them whenever you feel the need.

Our Private Temple

Our Private Temple

Two Buddhas

Two Buddhas

We made a pit stop at Shwe San Daw, one of the bigger and taller temple on the plains of Old Bagan. The temple offers an awesome view of the entire plain, which meant we’ve found our spot to watch sunset!

Shwe San Daw

Descending Shwe San Daw

Monks at Shwe San Daw

Monks at Shwe San Daw

Bagan Plains

View of the Bagan Plains from Shwe San Daw

Sunset in Bagan

Sunset in Bagan, from on top of Shwe San Daw

And of course we came back the next day for Sunrise too. We got to the temple by 5:30am to ensure we got a good spot. It was pitch dark and cold, but this view made it all worth while

Sunrise in Bagan, Burma

Sunrise in Bagan

Sunrise in Bagan

Sunrise in Bagan at around 8am

Thank you Bagan, for the magical memories.

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