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Eat 3 Bowls @ Bendemeer Review: A Taiwanese Comfort Food Joint

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In recent years, there seems to be an increasing interest in Taiwanese cuisine around Singapore. There are at least three restaurants I could think of popping up around the area of Jalan Besar alone.

One of them is Eat 3 Bowls, located at the NEC Building at 80 Bendemeer Road. Curiously enough, I used to live across the street from them but never got the chance to try this place, until I moved away!

About Eat 3 Bowls

Eat 3 Bowls 呷三碗
80 Bendemeer Road #01-01, Singapore 339949
Opening Hours: 11 am – 9 pm. Closed on Wednesdays.
Double-check their Instagram for opening hours!

Eat 3 Bowls occupies one of the shops in the lobby of the NEC building facing Bendemeer Road. To get there, you can alight at Boon Keng MRT and take Exit B. Go through the shopping mall to Bendemeer Road. Cross Bendemeer Rd and look for the NEC Building. Eat 3 Bowls is the first unit at the roundabout in the lobby.

Upon entering the shop, it’s clear they’ve tried to mimic the vibe of the night market and street stalls in Taiwan. I love it!

Eat 3 Bowls Bendemeer

The area has a lot of office buildings nearby, so I suspect most of the patrons here would be office workers. Sure enough, we arrived shortly after noon on Monday and some tables were already occupied. As we were enjoying our food, more patrons came in. Although there was plenty of seating, the restaurant was full by 12:30.

Eat 3 Bowls Bendemeer

Menu Ordering at Eat 3 Bowls

Menu, ordering and payment can be done via a QR code. No human interaction is needed, the staff will simply come by and to bring whatever you’ve ordered.

If like me you’re wary of putting your credit card details on a random platform, they do accept Apple Pay which is a more secure way to pay online. If you do not have iPhone, you can still opt to pay at the counter.

Service was really fast, almost TOO fast. I don’t think it was even a minute after I’ve paid my order online, the dishes were already served to our table!

Food Review at Eat 3 Bowls

Between the two of us, here is what we ordered:

Eat 3 Bowls Bendemeer
Lu Rou Fan, extra marinated egg, Black sugar pearl tea and Sesame Cold Noodle

I got Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Rice) for $5.80 with an extra marinated egg ($1.20).

My husband ordered the Cold noodles with sesame sauce and shredded chicken ($7.80), Taro Pork Floss Sandwich ($6.80), and Brown Sugar Pearl Milk ($4.50). He was hungry!

Eat 3 Bowls Bendemeer
Taro Pork Floss Sandwich

After finishing my bowl of Lu Rou Fan, I found myself still yearning for more so I ordered one of the side dishes – Salted Crispy Chicken ($8.20)

Eat 3 Bowls Bendemeer
Salted Crispy Chicken

Everything we ordered was good, but the star for me had to be the Lu Rou Fan. It was served warm, with enough sauce and meat to cover the rice. Very delicious, one of the best Lu Rou Fan I’ve had in Singapore. I would order two bowls of this next time if I’m hungry, because the portion is not that big. The Salted Crispy Chicken was great too, served crispy and tender.

I wasn’t much of a fan of the Taro Pork Floss sandwich – it was just… weird to me. I can’t decide if it was meant to be a sweet or savory dish.

The prices quoted are not inclusive of GST (9%) and Service charge (10%). Our bill came out to be $41.12. A little pricey, but we were hungry and we did order a lot.

Overall I was very happy with my experience at Eat 3 Bowl. I will definitely come back here to try more of their dishes!

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