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Go Rogue Review: A Sando Joint at Boat Quay

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I used to have a sandwich place that I frequent in Boat Quay. It was called Ronin on Hong Kong Street, but unfortunately, they closed down in 2020. Since then, I’ve been on the look out for another place to fill the hole in my heart and stomach that Ronin has left behind.

Enter Go Rogue, which I found via the good ol’ social media (Instagram reels, because I don’t do Tik Tok). It is located along the busy North Canal Road, which was only a few street down from where Ronin used to be.

About Go Rogue

Go Rogue
20 North Canal Road #01-01, Singapore 048832
Opening hours: 9am to 3pm, 6:30pm to 10:30pm (Closed on Sun)
Double check their instagram before heading down

I learned online that Go Rogue was opened by the same folks behind 46 Mittsu that used to be at Kim Yam Rd and Everton Park. I never got the chance to visit, but it seems that their previous space was small and good for takeaway only. Go Rogue is their attempt to allow dining in.

When we arrived on Saturday at noon, the restaurant was already at full capacity and there were 2 groups ahead of us queueing. We waited around 15 minutes for a table.

Go Rogue Sando Boat Quay
The storefront of Go Rogue
Go Rogue Sando Boat Quay
A place to wash your hands – always a good thing

The restaurant can seat 40 people at a time, though I have to say it still felt smaller when I was there. There were about 6 tables and maybe 8 counter seats.

Go Rogue Sando Boat Quay

We had to share a 4-person table with another couple as there were no other tables available. Not an issue for us, but it further underscores that this is not a place where you would want to sit for a while and catch up with friends.

Go Rogue Sando Boat Quay

Menu and Ordering at Go Rogue

I know I kept mentioning Ronin in this post… however, Go Rogue’s offering is quite different than Ronin’s. Go Rogue offers a modern take on Japanese Sando. All of their sandwiches are served on a thick cut of brioche.

Go Rogue Sando Boat Quay

Aside from Sandos, they also have a few rice bowls, salad bowls, some side dishes, and coffee.

You pay first at the counter, then get seated and your order will be served shortly. As I said, it was a full house when we were there and our order took some time to arrive – around 10-15 minutes.

Food at Go Rogue

We’re here for the sandwich, that much is clear. So, I disregarded the rice and salad section and immediately zeroed in on Cow Me In ($18). I was in the mood for some meat, and this sando features 48-hour beef brisket and sunny eggs that just sound very appetizing to me. My husband, on the other hand, went for Captain Hook ($18), which features tempura halibut with apple and cabbage slaw.

We each ordered a sando, but let’s be real – we shared half of each other’s orders 😉

Surprisingly, despite Cow Me In being technically “my order”, I enjoyed Captain Hook a LOT more. That combination of crispy deep-fried halibut, cut with the refreshing apple and cabbage slaw? *chef kiss* hit the spot. I would come back just for this sando.

Go Rogue Sando Boat Quay
Cow Me In (Beef brisket with sunny side up eggs), Captain Hook (Tempura Halibut with cabbage slaw), and Kombu fries

The Cow Me In sando that was technically “my order”? Well, it was what they said it was. It was tasty, but after only eating half of it, I was bored. The beef brisket was juicy and tender, but I felt the flavor was a bit flat. More importantly, there isn’t much texture going on. The brisket was soft, the egg was soft, and the brioche bun was also soft – maybe it needs a little crunch for salvation?

We also ordered a side of Kombu Fries ($5) to share, but I hate to say that it was also a miss for me. It wasn’t served with any dip, and there wasn’t much flavor from the kombu. Overall, it just felt like a plate of very ordinary fries – though at $5 a plate, it wasn’t too much of a damage to be concerned about. I think it would be more interesting paired with a cream-based sauce.

The prices quoted in the menu are exactly what you’ll be charged. No GST or Service charge, which was a surprise for me since we dined in. We also had a black coffee ($4.50) and our bill came out to be $45.50, which I thought was reasonable enough for two people at a trendy new joint in the heart of Singapore.

I was quite happy with my experience here, so I’ll be back – especially for that Captain Hook sando. Hopefully, there will be less queue next time!

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