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Telunas Private Island: A Quick Island Resort Getaway from Singapore

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A few years ago, my friend Alex told me about his experience at Telunas Private Island. He had gone to the island with his partner for a quick getaway from Singapore and enjoyed it so much that they kept coming back again several times after.

Since then, I kept hearing many positive reviews about Telunas from other friends. So I kept Telunas at the back of my mind whenever the opportunity to escape Singapore arose.

Telunas Private Island
A Frangipani flower I picked up from the ground at Telunas Private Island

But… for various reasons, the timing just never worked out for us to visit Telunas. After years of pining over the resort, I’m happy to announce that the time has come: I got to visit Telunas Private Island myself this past weekend!

About Telunas Private Island

Telunas Resort started as Telunas Beach Resort in 2004, a small family-run resort located on Sugi island, part of the Riau islands that is less popular than its siblings, Batam and Bintan. Ten years later, they expanded by opening Telunas Private Island in 2014.

What is the difference between the Beach Resort and the Private Island? Telunas Private Island is a much more exclusive offering than the beach resort – As the name suggested, it is located on its own tiny island off Sugi Island. On this tiny island, there are only 15 overwater villas by the beach and 5 couples-only villas on the ridge for an even more exclusive experience.

Telunas Private Island
Rows of overwater villas at Telunas Private Island

Telunas Beach Resort, on the other hand, is located on the nearby Sugi island, which is a much bigger island and not exclusive to just Telunas. On top of that, the accommodation and facilities on the resort are much simpler than that on the private island. These are not necessarily bad things, in fact, some people might prefer the simplicity of the beach resort. It just depends on your personal preference.

When is the best time to visit?

According to the resort, the best time to visit is from October to April has the best weather, and the waters are usually clearest from December to February.

I personally visited on the first few days of July and I think it was a great time to visit. There was a little bit of rain one of the days, but mostly the weather ranged from slightly overcast to sunny. The perfect beach weather for me!

Telunas Private Island
Overwater Spa

Booking Telunas Private Island

Currently, the only way to book a stay at Telunas Private Island is by booking through their official website. They are not listed on any other booking platform.

➡️ Get a complimentary 60-minute massage: you can use my promo code GirlEatWorld under Special Requests while booking. This allows you to claim 1 complimentary 60-minute Overwater Spa massage at Telunas Private Islands

After booking, a staff member will reach out to you with information about the island: How to get there from Singapore, which ferries to take, visa information, so on and so forth. I will cover all this information in this blog as well!

You will also be given a WhatsApp number to reach the staff directly. I never needed this because the staff members were with us as soon as we arrived at Sekupang.

PS: If you don’t already have it, please take the time to download and set up WhatsApp on your phone – it is the main method of communication in Indonesia.

Telunas Private Island

How long should I stay at Telunas Private Island?

There is a 2-night minimum to book a stay at Telunas Private Island. But having been to the island myself, I think 3 nights would be better to really experience the island and everything around it.

We stayed for 3 nights, which I initially thought might be too long but I’m really glad we did it. There were many activities on and around the island and we never got bored. I finished my book and did not even touch the Netflix shows I downloaded!

From my observation, most of the guests on the island were also staying for 3 nights or more.

What to pack for Telunas Private Island

Telunas Private Island is truly secluded and miles away from civilization. While this is its main selling point, you do want to come prepared. Once you’re on the island, you can’t just do a quick run to the store. The resort would have some basic first aid and other commonly requested items available, but since I was traveling with a toddler, I like to be prepared.

These are the items that I packed:

  • Sun protection – You’ll want to spend time outside by the beach, so bring all the sun protection you need – SPF 50, Aloe Vera (if you’re prone to sunburn), and a couple of sunnies.
  • Mosquito repellent – Telunas Private Island guests would receive a free bottle of citronella repellent, but it may not be enough. Not because the island is full of mosquitoes (it’s actually not at all), but because of activities you might want to do outside of the island. I’ll explain more later.
  • Water Bottle – The villas have their own water filter, so you can keep refilling water without getting plastic bottled water.
  • Cash in Indonesian Rupiah – This will come in handy for buying snacks when you are transiting in Sekupang, as well as for tipping the staff at the end of your stay. I’ll touch more on this later.
  • Passport – When a getaway is this close to Singapore, it might feel like you don’t need your passport… but you still do, because you’ll be crossing over to Indonesia!
  • Star Chart app downloaded on your phone – the skies might be clear and you might want to be able to identify some constellations that you see!
  • Some entertainment – There is no wifi in Telunas, so be sure to bring something to keep yourself entertained. I suggest bringing a book since this is a great time to unplug away from screens, but you could also bring an iPad with a favorite show downloaded.
  • Some snacks – If you’re the peckish type, please bring some snacks! The resort provides sufficient food, but it’s always a good idea to bring something you like to eat because there are no convenience stores nearby.
  • Medication – The island stocks first aid and general medication, but if you anticipate special needs, please bring those medications. For example, I brought Panadol Extra (paracetamol pain killer, since the regular one just won’t do for me when I get migraines).
Telunas Private Island

Getting the Indonesia Visa

You will likely need a visa on arrival to enter Indonesia. The visa costs Rp 500,000 per person. The good news is, you can apply for the Indonesian visa online!

➡️ Indonesia visa: Find out how to get e-VOA here

You don’t have to apply for the visa online, but doing so will minimize your wait time at the immigration when you enter Indonesia, so it is highly recommended to do so.

PS: The postal code for Telunas is 29663, which you will need if you’re applying for the visa online.

Getting to Telunas Private Island from Singapore

Telunas can be reached from Singapore, Bintan, or Jakarta. Here is how:

1. The international leg: from Singapore to Batam

To get to Telunas, you first need to book a ferry ticket from Batam Fast from Harborfront Centre <> Sekupang. At the time of writing a round trip costs S$ 73 per person.

The resort has very specific instructions about which ferry timing you need to book. This is because, after the ferry ride, guests will need to transfer to a local boat to reach Telunas. If you miss this boat, you’ll have to wait for the next day, though staff will still pick you up.

Here are the ferry timings you need to book. This was true at the time of booking for us, but please double-check the timing on their website in case it has changed.

  • Departing Singapore from Harborfront Centre to Sekupang, there is only one option – book the 11:10 AM Ferry (ETA 12:00 PM in Sekupang)
  • Returning to Singapore from Sekupang to Harborfront Centre – there are 2 options for regular and early departures. Here are the ferry times:
    • 17:30 PM Ferry for regular departure (Leave Telunas at 14:30 PM and ETA 19:20 PM in Singapore)
    • 11:20 AM Ferry for early departure (Leave Telunas at 8:30 AM and ETA 13:10 PM in Singapore)

2. The domestic leg: from Batam to Telunas

After arriving at Sekupang, Telunas guests will be greeted by staff (wearing the blue Telunas uniform) and escorted to transfer to the local boat, which will take them to Telunas. This transfer used to be done via a private wooden boat exclusively for Telunas guests, but unfortunately, there was a regulation change and you now need to take the local boat. But not to worry, Telunas staff will guide you and help you with your luggage!

This boat ride takes about 1 hour. Taking account transfer time and some wait time you will likely arrive by 1:30 PM local time (2:30 PM Singapore time) at the island.

Other places Telunas can be reached from

It is also possible to reach Telunas from Jakarta (by flying to Hang Nadim Airport in Batam) or the nearby Bintan island (by taking a boat to Moro island).

Please refer to the Telunas Resort transportation page for more information.

Checking into Telunas Private Island

We arrived on the island at 1:30 PM local time on the dot. We were swiftly offered a welcome drink and buffet lunch at the common area. I was starving, so we immediately sat down to eat lunch while our luggage was sent directly to our villa.

Telunas Private Island
The common area of Telunas Private Island

After lunch, we simply approached the front desk to check in. Checking in was fast and honestly such a breeze. I suppose that’s what happens when there are only 15 villas on the island! One of the staff personally escorted us to our villa and gave us a tour of the island on the way there.

Room Review: Overwater Villa at Telunas Private Island

We stayed at one of the 15 overwater villas at Telunas Private Island. The villas are accessible from the common area via this wooden bridge by the beach.

Telunas Private Island
Telunas Private Island
A wooden bridge connects the overwater villas at Telunas Private Island to the common area

The villas are all identical, consisting of a large king bed on the bottom floor, a bathroom with shower, a large balcony, a living room with sofas and a coffee table, and two single beds on the loft above.

Telunas Private Island
The living room at the overwater villa on Telunas Private Island

The king beds, I assume, were meant for parents while the loft was meant for kids. But there was no way I would have let my 3-year-old sleep up there because the steps to get up were quite steep. He was able to get up there on his own, but getting down was a little bit of a challenge. I think it would be good for kids above 5 years old!

Telunas Private Island
The king beds at the overwater villa
Telunas Private Island
Single beds in the upstairs loft

The overwater villas are very well-kept for something that is out in the element and 9 years old by now. The pieces of furniture in each room were initially built using reclaimed wood from boats, but I can spot patches of areas around the resort where the wood looks newer, which means maintenance work is ongoing!

Telunas Private Island
Looking down from the loft

I loved that there were small gaps on the wooden floor, which allowed us to see directly the sea below the villas, and let us sleep to the soft sound of ocean waves lapping below us at night.

There is no air-conditioning in the overwater villas, but there are multiple ceiling fans and a standing fan you can use. We found the room was breezy enough that I was able to keep the door slightly open and the ceiling fan on the lowest level for most nights.

There are also no screens (TV) and no Wi-Fi around the island, which is on purpose to let you disconnect from the outside world. There is slight connectivity on your mobile phone if you do data roaming or purchase a local Indonesian SIM card, but it is slow for the most part.

There is a water filter on every villa, which can give you hot, room temperature, and cold water. This is super handy since I dislike buying plastic water bottles when I travel, especially in areas where the trash handling is not exactly great.

Overlooking the balcony at Telunas Private Island
Overlooking the balcony

The overwater villas are numbered so that the lowest number is the closest to the common area and the highest number is at the furthest end. So, request low-numbered villas if you aren’t a fan of walking, and choose villa 15 for the utmost privacy!

Regardless, I didn’t think the walk was that bad, to be honest. We stayed in Villa 6 and I never had issues going to fetch something from the room to the swimming pool or eating areas. It only takes about 2-4 minutes to reach the villas from the pool.

Telunas Private Island
Bridge to the villas

I was initially concerned about mosquitoes, which is a typical concern when you’re visiting Southeast Asia. In fact, I was so concerned that I made a mental note to request mosquito netting to put over our bed. For some reason, those little buggers love me so I always end up getting more bites than average. But, I’m happy to report that I was never bitten by a single mosquito during my stay in the overwater villa, even when I forgot to request the mosquito net. It seems that the mosquitoes don’t travel this far out into the sea!

Telunas Private Island
Amenities kit

We also did not have issues with other insect bites while on the beach and common area in Telunas Private Island. However, it’s possible you might get bitten by mosquitoes when you’re doing a hike up to visit the ridge villas, which are located inland and among vegetation. There were lots of mosquitoes when we did the jungle trekking activity on Sugi island, but that is to be expected in a tropical country like Indonesia.

Service and Staff at Telunas Private Island

The staff at Telunas Private Island and Telunas Beach Resort are, by far, my favorite aspect of my stay on the island. They already have a unique location and accommodations, but for me, it is the staff that truly made the place feel like home.

Each staff immediately learned our names on the first day and would greet us by name throughout our stay. They also learned which table we’re likely to sit on, and arranged the table to accommodate us – which means, there is always one set of kid’s plates, utensils, and a booster seat in our favorite seat!

Most of the staff were also very capable of engaging and taking care of kids. During our stay, there were three families with two kids around 4-8 years old. The kids would independently roam and play around the island, usually playing board games with staff members or doing arts and crafts at the kids club with no parents in sight! And being a parent myself, I know how invaluable this is – it makes the island truly a getaway for the parents.

Telunas Private Island
Bakri playing jenga with the boys

I was so impressed by the staff that I left them extra gratuities when we checked out, which I’ll talk about more later.

Special thanks to Aldo, Dwi, Bakri, Ella, and Della for taking such great care of us during our stay!

Food & Beverage options at Telunas Private Island

Telunas is an all-inclusive resort – aside from the cost of the room, you’ll also pay for the cost of board, which includes 3 meals a day, or 2 meals on the days that you are traveling to and from the island.

Telunas Private Island
View from the dining area
Telunas Private Island
Dining area at Telunas Private Island

All meals are served in the dining area, which is on the second floor of the main building. Meal times are as follows:

  • 7-9 AM for breakfast
  • 12-2:30 PM for lunch
  • 6-8:30 PM for dinner

There is no option to bring the food to the room. Even guests from the ridge villas up on the hill will have to make their way down at mealtime!

The food option at Telunas Private Island was mostly a buffet of Indonesian or Western-influenced meals, which usually consisted of carbs like steamed rice or fried noodles, some protein options (usually chicken or beef), and stir-fry or grilled veggies. There are always desserts and appetizers as well, usually soup.

Telunas Private Island
Telunas Private Island
Soto Ayam at Telunas Private Island

An exception is the dinner on Sunday, which is served as a 3-course meal with an appetizer, main, and dessert. You could choose the main dish you want.

Telunas Private Island

At breakfast, they would have either a waffle or pancake, some buffet for mains, and an omelet station. At every meal, there will be a meal choice for kids which is usually dishes like pizza, spaghetti bolognese, chicken fingers, and mac-n-cheese.

Telunas Private Island
My breakfast

If you are vegetarian, the chef will cook a separate meal for you! There were a few vegetarian guests when I was in the resort and I overheard their conversation ordering vegetarian meals. For other dietary restrictions, you can contact the resort and see if they can accommodate you.

Telunas Private Island
Sand Bar by the pool

There is a bar by the pool called the Sand Bar where you can choose a limited selection of wine by the bottle, beer, and cocktails. Cocktails are Rp 140,000 each, while wines are Rp 450,000-950,000 per bottle. Keep in mind there are 10% government tax and 9% service charges added to the price of the drinks.

You can bring your own alcohol without any corkage fee to Telunas, but keep in mind that you can only bring 1L of alcohol per adult (over 21 years old) into Indonesia. We brought our own wine bottles and requested wine glasses to be delivered to our villa without issues.

Things to do at Telunas Private Island

As I said before, I was worried that three nights were too long to be spent on a tiny island with no internet. But as it turns out, my worries were unfounded because there were a lot of activities you can do on and around the island!

1. Water activities and games

You can borrow a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) and a 1 or 2-person kayak from the recreation center to explore the island. It is possible to go around the island on a kayak which might take about an hour. If you intend to do this, please let the staff know and they’ll send a boat out to check up on you in case you need help.

Telunas Private Island
Stand up paddle
Telunas Private Island

The recreation center is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and they have a lunch break from 11:00 am to 1 pm.

Telunas Private Island
Recreation Center at Telunas Private Island

There is a box filled with sand toys that your little ones can borrow to play at the beach or games you can play with them.

There is also an activity center next to the recreation center where you can play ping pong, cornhole, and darts.

Activity Center at Telunas Private Island
Activity Center at Telunas Private Island

All of these activities are complimentary.

2. Tour to Sugi Village

This was one of the complimentary daily activities during my stay, which took place in the morning from 9 AM – 11 PM.

At around 9 AM, a wooden boat picked us up from the jetty and took us straight to the village. It was only about 15 minutes by boat. Once on the island, we were taken around to explore the island by foot to see how locals live their lives and learn a little history of the village. The tour took about an hour.

Telunas Private Island

Telunas’ connection to the Sugi village runs deep. Many of Telunas staff are from Sugi Island. I even saw a few of the blue Telunas staff uniforms in the laundry of some of the houses there. Checking the website, I later learned that Telunas has created programs to help the villager – from English courses to money management lessons as well as fixing roads around the village.

Telunas Private Island

Keep in mind because Sugi village is conservative, you’ll be expected to cover up when you’re there. If you’re wearing shorts or tank tops, the staff might ask you to cover up with a sarong, which they will provide.

Telunas Private Island
Checking out the seaweed being dried at Sugi Village

3. Low-rope Obstacle course in the jungle at Telunas Beach Resort

This was another one of the complimentary daily activities during my stay, and it was a hit for kids and adults alike.

To start, we were greeted by our guide Al (Short for Alfredo) at the Private Island jetty, and promptly took a boat out to Telunas Beach Resort at 9 AM. The boat ride takes only five minutes.

Once we were at the beach resort, we proceeded to get some helmets for the kids. Then, we started our trek up to the jungle behind the beach resort. The trek wasn’t too difficult, but it does get a little steep at some points. However, I don’t think it would be an issue for most people – my 3-year-old did the whole trek up by himself! It was also fairly short – took only about 10 minutes for us to get up.

Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Telunas Private Island
Al helping my son complete the course

Once nearly at the top, we reached the obstacle course, which was made up of six sections. You could do the courses as many times as you want! The last one is the hardest one.

My tips are to wear shoes (sneakers are fine) because some of the course is easier to do when you’re wearing shoes and bring extra mosquito repellent, especially if you’re someone who inexplicably attracts mosquitoes like me. I was basically eaten alive but other people didn’t seem to have the same issue. Oh, you might also want to bring your swimsuit because you can jump off the jetty at the Telunas Beach Resort if the water conditions are right.

We came back to the private island just in time for lunch.

4. Cooking Demo

Another one of the complimentary daily activities during my stay was a cooking demo of making Indonesia’s favorite condiment: Sambal!

Sambal is a chili sauce that is very popular in Indonesia, especially when paired with Kecap manis, the thick and sweet soy sauce. These two are the two condiments that you can find in every Indonesian household. We use Sambal and Kecap as a dip for many things – fried tofu and tempeh for example, or to flavor our dishes such as fried rice or noodle.

There are hundreds of sambal varieties, but the one they demo-ed that day was Sambal Terasi, the version of sambal that uses fermented shrimp paste for an extra “oomph”. It is one of my favorite types of sambal, so I was delighted!

Telunas Private Island
Ingredients for delicious Sambal

The chef demonstrated how to begin cooking Sambal. You first fry the ingredients of the sambal – chili, garlic, tomatoes, shrimp paste, and shallots go into the frying pan with some oil.

Telunas Private Island
Our chef cooking up the sambal

Once the ingredients are cooked, she drained the oil and saved the oil aside for later. This is now chili oil, full of flavor, which can be used on other dishes! She then used a stone mortar and pestle to mash up all the ingredients. Into the pestle, she added the palm sugar and lime juice and proceeded to mash away the ingredients, using a specific motion on the wrist to make sure the ingredients are fully combined.

Sambal cooking demo at Telunas Private Island
Using ulekan to make the sambal paste

This technique is called “ulek” in Indonesian. You might have heard the term “sambal ulek“, or “sambal oelek” when written in the traditional spelling – a leftover from the Dutch colonization era – that just means the sambal was made using this ulek technique with stone mortar and pestle. The stone mortar and pestle we use is called “ulekan” in Indonesian. Just like sambal and kecap, ulekan is a cooking tool that could be found in every Indonesian household. It lasts a long time and can be passed down many generations.

Being Indonesian myself, my mom used our ulekan for many recipes over the years and I used to help her out when I was young. During the cooking demo at Telunas, I attempted to ulek some Sambal myself as well, but I’m out of practice… I was very slow and my wrist was tired after only a few minutes 🥲

Telunas Private Island
Serving up sambal as a dip

Once the sambal has been mashed up, it was served with the other ingredients as a dip. My favorite thing to eat with sambal is fried tempeh!

Then, the chef turned the sambal into our lunch for the day – Sambal fried rice. To do this, she simply added back some of the chili oil that was set aside earlier, as well as some sambal to taste. Then she added a day-old white rice into the wok, and just begin frying the rice and combining the ingredients, making sure all grains of the rice are coated with the sambal goodness.

Telunas Private Island
Sambal Fried Rice

Please take note: It is VERY important to use slightly dried-up day-old rice, not freshly cooked rice! Freshly cooked rice is still plump, it will result in a texture that is too mushy and does not absorb the sambal well.

Then, she cracked a couple of eggs into the pan and scrambled them into the fried rice, and a few minutes later – a delicious sambal fried rice is served!

Telunas Private Island
Sambal Fried Rice

So good. I finished everything on my plate!

5. Massage at the Overwater Spa

One of the MUST-do at the island is to get a massage at their spa, which is also overwater – just like the villa! Seriously, just look at this and tell me you don’t want to be massaged in one of those comfortable massage huts:

Telunas Private Island
Overwater Spa at Telunas Private Island
Telunas Private Island
The massage bed at Telunas Private Island

There are four types of massages you can choose from: Telunas massage, Balinese massage, Fusion massage, or aromatherapy massage. There are also four scents of massage oil: traditional, rose, lavender, and jasmine. They’ll allow you to smell the oil so that you can choose the preferred scent. I chose rose oil and I did not regret it!

Telunas Private Island
Choices of massage oil at the spa. I love the Rose one!

We were given a beautiful batik robe to change into before the massage

Telunas Private Island
Right before my massage

Book early, because the slots were hard to come by even when the island was only at half capacity when I was there. I got the 60-minute Telunas massage, and it was one of those experiences where I dread coming to near the end of it because I did not want it to end… it was that good!

The massage cost Rp 700,000++ for 60 minutes and Rp 950,000++ for 90 minutes, which I actually think is a great deal relative to the massage costs in Singapore. That’s why it’s really popular!

And if you are keen to book, I’ve secured a deal for my blog readers:

➡️ Get a complimentary 60-minute massage: you can quote my promo code GirlEatWorld under “Special Requests” while booking. This allows you to claim 1 complimentary 60-minute Overwater Spa massage at Telunas Private Islands!

6. Fishing

This was a paid activity that was popular with the kids. Though I did not get the chance to do it, many of the other families did. You can find out more on the activities page here.

7. Star Gazing

At certain times of the year/month, when the sky is clear, Telunas makes for a great place to star gaze due to its remote location. There are no big cities nearby (only Batam), so the light pollution in the area is low and you can see plenty of stars.

I recommend downloading an app called Star Chart so that you can identify the stars, planets, and constellations you might see.

This might not be possible if it is a cloudy night or if it is a full moon.

8. Low-tide beach walking in the early morning

Again, this is a seasonal activity, probably best done when it is a full moon. During our visit, it was a full moon at Telunas and when we woke up around 6-7 am, we found the tide was so low that we could walk around and explore creatures at the beach. There were some hermit crabs and small fishes that got stuck in tide pools.

Low tide at Telunas Private Island
Low tide at Telunas Private Island
Low tide at Telunas Private Island
Low tide at Telunas Private Island

The tide does come back a few hours later though. By the time we were done with breakfast, the water level was back to normal.

9. Jumping off the jetty

The jetty of the private island is built over part of the island that plunges into a cliff underwater. Which means, it’s totally safe to jump off from! Many of the guests were doing this (including myself) and it was popular with both adults and kids.

You can also jump off the jetty from the Telunas Beach Resort. The jetty there is even more exciting – it has two levels, but the higher level might not be available for jumping when the tide is low.

Please double-check with the staff before you do any jetty-jumping. You just want to make sure the water level is adequate so that you don’t hit the bottom when you jump.

10. Bonfire on Friday and Saturday

On Fridays and Saturdays, the staff might organize a bonfire by the beach at 8 pm. The staff would start the bonfire, then prep the fire so that it’s low enough to roast marshmallows. On some days, they might also play guitar and sing for us. It was such a hit with the guests!

Telunas Private Island
Bonfire at Telunas Private Island

11. Find the hidden beach on Telunas Private Island

I was told there is a hidden beach on the other side of the island that’s facing west, though I didn’t get the chance to explore it. To get there, you can simply follow the trail that leads to the staff housing near the recreation center. It takes around 30 minutes by foot.

You can also hike up to the ridge villa area and there is a trail to go to the hidden beach. This cuts down the time to about 15-20 minutes, but you’ll need to wear shoes for this trail!

12. Chill in the hammock

There are only two huts with two hammocks each on the island, so competition is high to get these huts. When the island was at half capacity, there was always someone at the hut. We just swoop in whenever it’s free, and tried not to stay too long so other people can enjoy the hammocks as well.

Telunas Private Island
Hammock by the beach
Telunas Private Island
Best place to be at sunset!

13. Arts and Crafts at the Kampung Kids Club for younger kids

Telunas has a kids club, called Kampung Kids Club located next to the Sand Bar by the pool. They are open from 9-5 pm, with a lunch break from 11:30 am-2:30 pm. There is a morning activity as well as afternoon activities, usually arts and crafts or beach exploration.

During my stay, the kids club was mostly popular with 7-year-olds and under. The older kids probably think they are too cool for this 😬

14. Take a boat to Telunas Beach Resort

There is a shuttle boat that goes from Telunas Private Island (TPI) to Telunas Beach Resort (TBR). It only takes around 5 minutes by boat.

  • From TPI to TBR: 9 am and 2:30 pm
  • From TBR to TPI: 11 am and 4:30 pm

So it’s possible to spend 2 hours in the morning or afternoon or spend the whole day at the beach resort if you want. You can check out activities available at the Beach Resort here.

15. Dip into the freshwater swimming pool

And of course, last but not least soak in the freshwater swimming pool, which you can’t miss just next to the Jetty. I think this is mostly where all the guests spend their time after the special activity. There are plenty of beach chairs to lounge on, and pool towels are always available. We never had to fight anyone for it.

Telunas Private Island
Swimming pool at Telunas Private Island

Checking out of Telunas Private Island

Much like the check-in experience, checking out was really easy. I just told the front desk I wanted to settle my bills from the bar and spa. I was able to pay with a credit card though there was a bit of a reception issue at first. It is also a good time to leave an extra gratuity for the staff, should you wish to!

Extra gratuity for the staff

So, let me preface that I am not a huge believer in tipping, especially when it’s forced upon you (the way it is in the States…). But the Telunas staff took care of us so well that I felt no qualms about leaving a collective tip for the staff when we checked out.

One caveat is that the tip must be in cash, they cannot charge your credit card. You can ask for an envelope to put the cash in at the front desk and write your message to the staff.

While tipping is totally optional, I thought the staff deserved it so I left them extra cash tips anyway. I must also add that a 10% service charge has already been added to your bill when you booked your stay.

However, if you want to add an extra tip and wondering how much to give, I recommend leaving Rp 100,000 per night per guest that stayed in the villa. Of course, feel free to give more as this is meant to be shared among all staff. And, if there was any staff member that you felt took special care of you, then feel free to give tips directly to the staff.

Cost Breakdown of a Weekend Stay at Telunas Private Island

Below is a sample cost of what a weekend stay (3D2N) could look like at Telunas Private Island for a couple. The costs below are quoted in Singapore Dollars when S$ 1 = Rp 11,117.61.

Room – Overwater Villas
(2 nights for 2 adults from Fri – Sun)
S$ 978
(S$ 489 / night)
Taxes & FeesS$ 186
(for 2 Adults for 3 days)
S$ 426
(S$ 71 / adult per day)
Domestic Transfer – Regular Departure
(for 2 Adults)
S$ 214
($ 107 / adult)
Ferry from Singapore to Sekupang
(for 2 people, round trip)
S$ 146
(S$ 73 / person)
Indonesia Visa on ArrivalS$47 / person
Total cost for the weekendS$ 1,950
Cost for a weekend stay at Telunas Private Island

Here is the ballpark cost for other scenarios, including the round-trip ferry from Singapore to Sekupang:

  • For a couple on weekdays (Mon-Wed) – S$ 1,702
  • For a family of 2 adults and 1 toddler on weekends (Fri-Sun) – S$ 2,192

I gave a few scenarios because the cost varies depending on:

  • Nightly rates – Weekday nightly rates are cheaper than weekend rates. Children 5 to 17 years old will need to pay a child nightly rate. Children below 5 stay for free.
  • Food (Board) costs – There are different board rates for adults (18 and above) and children (0-17 years old).
  • Domestic transfer – There are also different rates for domestic transfer for adults and children. Also, it depends on whether you require domestic transfer or not – Apparently, some people prefer to take their own boat! Or, some people might be coming from Bintan instead of Singapore/Batam.
    • Early or regular departure – Early departure is cheaper than regular departure for domestic transfer.
  • Extra Activities – Whether you’re booking a massage session or other paid activities during your stay
  • Indonesia Visa – Whether you need a visa for Indonesia

In conclusion: My verdict on Telunas Private Island

This is my honest opinion: my stay at Telunas was probably the best experience I’ve had so far of staying in a resort that is close to Singapore, and I’ve done quite a few of those.

First of all, their values – I resonated with the values of Telunas and the way they run their resort as an eco-friendly resort. Throughout the stay, I barely found any one-time-use items (aside from the plastic bottle that is offered during excursions, but barely anyone took those). I also appreciate that they give back to the local community. I am not surprised that many guests are repeat visitors to Telunas.

Telunas Private Island
Sunset at Telunas Private Island

I appreciate that the stay at Telunas felt authentic. Nothing was “too much”, even the amount of food felt like it was cooked just enough for the guests so that there is less food waste, at least not to the scale of the waste generated at most resorts. They also provide water filters and encourage guests to bring their own bottles so that we don’t contribute to plastic waste, which is a huge issue in Indonesia.

Second, the opportunity to disconnect from the connected world – as someone whose work and hobbies involve sitting in front of a screen with an internet connection, I have to admit that the thought of having no internet for four days was daunting to me. However, throughout my stay at Telunas, I barely thought about the outside world, let alone wanting to connect to the internet (what is the internet even?). I even ended up finishing a book, something I haven’t done in perhaps a year as I am not a big book reader.

Third, the staff – although the island is not meant only for family, there are a few things they did that made it very family-friendly. First of all, all of the staff are really good to kids and know how to engage them. A few of them are especially good at it that I saw many young kids (aged 4-8 years old) just running around the island without needing parental supervision.

Given the chance, I would come back again with more of my family members. I was actually told the resort is sometimes booked up for large family gatherings, and I can totally see why.

And that’s my review of our stay at Telunas Private Island! If you like what you read, or if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

Until next time, friends! 👋

Telunas Private Island

Note: I was a guest of the Telunas Private Island for the purposes of writing this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and remain my own.

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