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Indonesia e-VoA: How to apply from the OFFICIAL website

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If you are planning a trip to Jakarta or Bali, most likely you will need to get a Visa on Arrival when you arrive at the airport. This means yet another admin work you need to do upon arrival.

You’ll be glad to know, that starting November 2022 you can apply for Visa on arrival online before you physically arrive in Indonesia! This could potentially save you some time from having to line up to pay for Visa on arrival at the airport.

Penjor during Galungan in Bali
Penjor during Galungan in Bali

In this post, I’ll detail how to apply for this electronic Visa on Arrival through the official website made by the Indonesian government. Don’t trust any other website when they say they’ll get you electronic VoA! They’re likely a third-party website that will charge you extra, or worse, steal your identity.

Do I need a Visa on Arrival (VoA) to enter Indonesia?

Most likely, yes.

Unless you hold a passport from a Southeast Asia country (which is part of ASEAN), you will need a Visa on Arrival (VoA) to enter Indonesia. This means you’ll have to pay Rp 500,000 for a visa each time you enter Indonesia. As the name suggested, the visa can be obtained on arrival at the airport.

➡️ Check the list of countries eligible to apply for Indonesia VoA here.

What is Indonesia e-VoA?

e-VoA is short for electronic visa on arrival. It is a process that will let you apply for a Visa on Arrival (Visa B213) electronically online, even before you arrive at the airport in Indonesia. This will save you time as you won’t need to line up again to obtain and pay for VoA once you reach the airport in Indonesia.

VoA will grant you 30 days of stay in Indonesia which can be extended once for another 30 days. One benefit if you have e-VoA, is that the extension can be done online through the MOLINA website.

Do I qualify for Indonesia e-VoA?

If you hold a passport from these countries, you can apply for e-VoA. You also need a passport with at least 6 months of validity.

Where can I apply for Indonesia e-VoA? (Beware of scammers!)

Apply through MOLINA. This is the OFFICIAL, ONE AND ONLY, DIRECT website of the Indonesian government immigration.

Don’t use any other link! There are some third-party agents out there posing as the official website, but they’ll just scam you by charging you more, or worse, they might steal your identity.

You should only be paying Rp 519,500 for your e-VoA. This consists of Rp 500,000 for the e-VOA plus a 3% credit card fee of Rp 19,500.

How can I apply for Indonesia e-VoA?

If you qualify for e-VoA and want to get it before your arrival in Indonesia, here is what you need to do:

1. Go to the MOLINA website

First and foremost, go to the MOLINA website. Again, this is the OFFICIAL link from the Indonesian government. Don’t use any other link!

Make sure you use an email you have access to – the visa will be sent to your email as a PDF.

You don’t need to sign up for an account to complete an application, but I highly suggest signing up for an account at MOLINA.

Signing up for an account could benefit you in many ways:

  • If you anticipate that you’ll be coming back to Indonesia, you don’t have to keep providing your details each time you need a visa to Indonesia. You’ll be able to re-use the same MOLINA account for your future trips to Indonesia!
  • Signing up for an account seems to circumvent some of the payment issues some users are facing. You can see this in the comments section of this post.
  • If you made a mistake on your application (except for passport number), you might be able to fix your details if you registered for an account.

When applying for the visa online, have the following documents ready. You will need to provide them during application:

  1. A photo of the applicant – which needs to be in a 4:6 ratio and at least 400×600 pixels in size
  2. A scan of the applicant’s passport biodata – I just took a photo of the passport biodata and it worked fine!

When uploading your passport, the system will attempt to fill in the details for you. Make sure to double-check the data filled in, ESPECIALLY the passport number, as the system may make an error. You might need to pay for another visa when you arrive if the details used are not correct.

Parents take note! If you sign up for a MOLINA account, you will need separate accounts for each person, even for infants and kids. You cannot apply for your kids under your account. Hopefully, they’ll make this process easier in the future.

2. Apply for your visa on arrival

In MOLINA, if you are not creating an account, simply go through the visa wizard and select the type of visa you want.

If you registered for an account, log in to your MOLINA account with the credentials you’ve set in Step 1. Then, create an application for a visa on arrival by clicking on “Application” on the main navigation and then the “+ Add” button.

Save your MOLINA account credential – You’ll need to do this for each separate trip you’ll be making to Indonesia if you decide to apply for e-VOA for those trips. So, remember your username and password!

Indonesia e-VOA process

Fill out the form that comes after, indicating your mode of transport and arrival. You’ll also need to provide an address where you’ll be staying. We were staying at multiple hotels in Indonesia, but I’ve just provided the first hotel and it went through fine.

3. Providing your accommodation address

Great news, the visa application form has been updated, and providing your accommodation address has become much easier than before. All you have to do is provide the 5-digit postal code of your accommodation in Indonesia, and the rest of the fields will be automatically filled in.

But in some cases, the postal code provided by the hotel or by searching through Google is not correct. If you get an error that says the postal code cannot be found, you can first try confirming the correct postal code with your accommodation. If that still doesn’t work, scroll down to the Known Errors when Applying for e-VOA section below where I described how I solved the error.

4. Make visa fee payment by credit card

After the application has been created, you’ll need to make the visa fee payment by credit card, and it’s important to note the credit card needs to be 3DS (3D Secure) enabled.

To make a payment, go back to the “Application” tab, then click on the transaction number of the application you’ve just created.

Indonesia e-VOA process

Once you are inside the transaction, scroll down to “Payment Information“, click on the “Make a payment” button, and provide your credit card number on the next page.

Again, make sure that your card has a 3DS or “3D Secure System” and that it is open to international transactions.

The cost for e-VOA is Rp 519,500. Due to the credit card processing fee (3.9%), it is slightly more expensive than paying with cash on arrival (which is only Rp 500,000). However, if you ask me, the cost is worth it! And really, Rp 19,500 translates to less than $2.

It might take some time for the payment to be complete and that’s normal. Once the payment is successful, remember to DOWNLOAD the receipt or print the payment success page, just in case your visa did not get issued.

Some people have commented that they aren’t able to pay for their e-VoA using their credit card because it keeps getting rejected. If this keeps happening, try calling your bank as it is very likely the rejection happens on the bank’s side. They may not be allowing international transactions. If it still doesn’t work, you can consider using Wise debit card or virtual card to make the payment.

5. Receive your e-VoA PDF in your email or download your e-VoA

Once your payment has been confirmed, you’ll receive your e-VoA via email, or you can go back to the Application page again and download your e-VoA PDF from there.

Keep a soft copy of your e-VoA somewhere that you can access if you need to. You can also print it out. Though in my case, they never asked to see a printout of my e-VoA document.

And that’s all really!

6. But there is more! Customs declaration

Aside from your visa, you can also do your customs declaration online. I highly recommend doing this before you arrive in Indonesia, since this is not an optional thing – you’ll be asked to complete the same online form when you arrive.

Just make sure you complete this before boarding your flight to Indonesia and keep a screenshot of the QR code that you get after completion. You’ll be asked to scan this QR code upon arrival at the airport in Indonesia before you can exit the airport.

How early should I apply for Indonesia e-VoA?

The e-VoA is only valid for 60 days, so don’t apply too early! I applied one day before my arrival and thankfully everything went smoothly. I got my e-VoA PDF in my email within minutes.

What if I made a mistake on my e-VoA application?

If you had signed up for an account at MOLINA and applied for your e-VoA through the account, you might be able to still edit some information on your MOLINA profile by editing your profile in the account, and it will be reflected on the e-VOA PDF. You just have to re-download the PDF from your MOLINA account.

If this did not work, you can try sending an email to [email protected] and ask for assistance.

In my case, I accidentally specified the wrong gender and I was worried it would cause issues on arrival. Thankfully I was able to just edit my MOLINA profile to flip the gender. When I re-downloaded the e-VOA PDF from my MOLINA account, it reflected the correct updated gender.

Extending your Indonesia e-VoA

An e-VoA is valid for a stay of up to 30 days and can be extended once for another 30 days.

I haven’t had to extend my visa myself, so I can’t vouch for the experience. However, when I checked my past visas on my MOLINA account, I was able to see an option to extend my visa, provided it is still valid.

If you did not create an account when you applied for your e-VoA, I am not sure what that experience would look like.

Known Errors when Applying for e-VOA

When it works, the e-VOA system is great. But when you start to encounter errors, it could get frustrating. Here are a few errors I’ve encountered:

1. Missing Payment Link

Applying for e-VoA in my experience was… slightly frustrating on my first trip. There was a glitch and I was not able to load the payment link. However, I just waited an hour, and the link magically worked. I was able to access the payment link and make payments even after the countdown had expired. I received the e-VoA PDF shortly after payment was made.

2. The “Data Postal Code not found” error

Sometimes, inputting the postal code provided by your hotel leads to an error. How do you solve this error? Thankfully there is a website that holds a database of Indonesian postal codes, and they provide the correct postal codes!

For example, I was going to Telunas Private Island in the Riau islands of Indonesia. The address provided to me by Google was: Baloi Persero, Jalan Anggrek Luar No.23, Sugie, Moro, Karimun Regency, Riau Islands 29442, Indonesia. But when I input “29442” as the postal code into the visa application form, I get the dreaded “Data Postal Code not found” error.

So let’s break down the address:

  1. “Sugie” is the district
  2. “Moro” is the village
  3. “Karimun Regency” is the city
  4. “Riau Islands” is the province

I went to the postal code database website and started by searching for “Riau Island”. I clicked on the link for “Riau Islands” on the far right column under province. This takes me to a page with all postal codes for cities under Riau islands. From there, I simply clicked on “Karimun” which is the city that I’m going to. Next, I clicked on “Sugie”, which is the district where Telunas Private Island is located, and I got the postal code “29663”

When I put this into the visa form, it works! I was able to proceed to get the visa.

But… Do you actually need e-VoA?

I have used e-VoA four times so far. I went to Bali in November 2022, a few weeks after the e-VoA system was rolled out, and then to Jakarta in March 2023 and on some weekend getaways to Bintan and Batam sometime in 2023.

Upon arrival at Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali, I was so grateful I took the time to apply for the e-VoA. There was a long line for a Visa on Arrival, while there was practically nobody at the immigration line. It took us less than 5 minutes to clear immigration.

In the Jakarta Airport and the Bintan and Batam ports, however, there was no line for a visa on arrival when I arrived on a Friday afternoon, so I guess I didn’t need to apply online for it.

So TLDR: based on my experience, it’s only worth it to apply for e-VoA if you’re going to Bali, where there are more international tourists who needs a visa on arrival. But if you’re going to places frequented by SEA nationals (like Bintan or Batam), you probably don’t need to get e-VoA. SEA nationals are exempted from visa requirements so chances are there are not going to be many people applying for a visa on arrival.

Are you visiting Bali?

If you’re entering Bali on or after 14 February 2024, you will need to pay a tourism tax of Rp 150,000 per person (US $9.60 at the time of writing). To make your arrival easier in Bali, you’ll be able to pre-pay the tax online – Visit the Love Bali website to do so.

And that’s all I know about Indonesia’s electronic visa on arrival. I hope it helps 🙂

Links in this post may generate small commissions that keep this website running for free, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.
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Written by Melissa

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  1. rameshKrishna Anbalagan says

    Hi Melissa,

    you have provided great amount of information about bali. Such a great writeup, easy to understand. Thanks for that.
    I am from india, planning to visit bali this August 2024. when i checked for E-visa i do see two options of visa.

    1) tourist single entry visitor visa – 60 days
    2) B1 – Tourist visa.
    As you have mentioned, we have to pick B1. but the 1st option seems to be cheaper. can we go with the 1. what would be difference ?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Ramesh! As I understand it, the single entry visa is Rp 1,500,000. The B1 option is Rp 500,000. It is not cheaper than B1. I would only recommend the single entry visa if you are planning on staying in Bali for more than 30 days but less than 60 days.

  2. Sarah says

    Hi Melissa,

    My husband and I are going to Indonesia this July 2024. We are US citizens but will be arriving after visiting Australia. I applied for the evoa yesterday not realizing it was way too early! I see that it must be used by May 3, 2024 (also they misspelled my middle name). We won’t be arriving until July 8th. So obviously this first EVOA we aren’t even going to use. Will this hurt our chances for another EVOA for July? It sounds like you have visited several times a year and use a Evoa each time. I just want to make sure we will be able to get another one or don’t have to apply for a different Visa. I have reached out to them through email but that may have gone into the abyss. I appreciate you insight!


    • Melissa says

      Hey Sarah, yes it’s fine for the first one to go unused. You can apply for another evoa in about 2 months for your July trip.

  3. Paul Grimshaw says

    I applied for the EVOA on the 15th Feb and after making payment the site claimed that the payment had failed due to a security code mismatch. My bank notification said the payment had gone through though. The payment did not immediately come through on my statement so I thought I may need to apply again. On the 19th the payment went through, however the application information still says payment failed. I have emailed them several times but got no response. Any ideas on what should I do now?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Paul, that’s so frustrating! I hope you get an answer soon. If you still haven’t heard from them until the day of your flight, maybe you can try showing the payment evidence on arrival and get the visa when you arrive instead?

  4. Patrice Palmer says

    Hi, I have signed up to molina last year? Did our trip. Just trying to get another 30 day visa. It is asking to upload passport and picture again. Is this normal? My details still show when I sign in.

    • Melissa says

      Yes the same thing happened to me. Maybe they periodically check your passport again?

  5. Great post, really helpful and I figured how to enter the hotel address which had me stumped without your advice. But why do they make this so hard? I created an account which involves uploading my passport & headshot. Verify and log-in – all OK. Great. Now apply for a visa – and upload the very same files…really? Next I’m being asked to upload a copy of my last bank statement and seriously wondering if I can trust their IT security and would I be better off just joining the line at the airport!

    • Melissa says

      Hey Malc, the last time I applied they didn’t ask for so many things! I wonder if they will require bank statement in the airport too..

      • Hi Melissa, I don’t see how they could request that at the airport, most people won’t have it ready. It was requested as my “main document”, where I had expected maybe my return air ticket. A bank statement will show my account number and sort code – I’m not comfortable handing that over but maybe I’m over thinking it! Perhaps I’ll try to “redact” those details and see what happens 😉

    • Martin J Jauregui says

      I just ran into the same issue, did you end up applying for that visa?
      were you asked for bank statements at the airport?

  6. Dana Andrews says

    I am visiting Bali later this year via a one day cruise shore excusion, and using the B1 page. I was told to use 80222 as the postal code, and it populates fine. Arrival I said ‘CELEBRITY CRUISE SHIP”. I was able to upload Passport and Head shot fine. The problem comes in when I am now asked to upload a *pdf* of both a MAIN DOCUMENT and RETURN TICKET. Do you or anyone know what to upload for those two items?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Dana, not sure what Main document is, but return ticket should just be the flight ticket out of Bali

      • Dana Andrews says

        Thanks for the reply, but as I said, I’m on a cruise! We don’t have a return airline ticket from Bali!

        • Melissa says

          Where does the cruise end? is it still in Indonesia? if it is, then provide the flight ticket out of Indonesia. If the cruise takes you out of Indonesia, then provide the cruise ticket.

          In any case, I think the cruise would be able to help you out since i’m sure you’re not the only one applying for a visa on arrival.

      • Hi Melisaa,
        I’m visiting Bali in 2 week and also confused on the Main document. It states” Passport Valid for at Least 6 Months *
        For holders of travel documents other than passports such as emergency passports, documents of identity, etc. must be valid for 12 months”. It has an * so cannot be bypassed.

        • Melissa says

          Hey Amy, it sounds like they just want you to upload the passport again.

  7. Nidheesh says


    I am from India. Now the eVOSA shows only B1 visa instead of B123 visa for it the same? I was not able to find B123 visa option. But in all youtube videos and social media posts it is referred as B123.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Nidheesh, if you apply for it online it is B213. You can just select B1.

  8. Carey says

    Hi Melissa! Super helpful advice – just applied for EVOA (American passport) with no issues – very straightforward, my application was approved immediately. This is great because we just booked our very last minute flights today 29 Dec (Fri) and will be flying 1 Jan (Mon) – I was worried about whether it would take 3-5 business days for approval, but now I’ve got my EVOA printed and in hand! Woohoooo!

  9. SIMON Lawrence says

    Thanks Melissa for the instructions, I was able to apply and receive my eVoA without any major glitches.
    Definitely setting up an account helped. I uploaded both passport and photo to my account using pictures taken on my phone. When I applied for the visa, following your instructions, these appeared on the application page with my details.
    The only glitch I had was that the system wouldn’t accept the Hotel post code that I cut and paste into the box. However when I typed it in manually it worked.
    I will need to extend my visa whilst in country, so hope that process is as easy.

  10. ask3538 says

    Today (at least), I could not log in to my account because the “CAPTCHA” check box did not work. The check box disappeared, it showed “ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key”.

    • Melissa says

      That error seems to be on their end. I’d wait a day or two for it to be resolved

      • Mandy says

        Hi there, is the 30 day e voa valid from the day you enter the country or from when you apply for it? I am worried it will be out of date if I apply too early

  11. Hi Melissa.
    Any way of getting around the problem that the ‘Make a Payment’ button is missing from my eVisa application? All my details and application number etc are there, but there is no option for me to make a payment.

      • Me too, I’ve been trying to apply about 30 times by now over the last 4 days. I always get a 500 error site. All applications were saved under “batch application”. I got to edit and finish three of them without getting another error site. However, no I cannot make a payment. I also contacted two different email addresses provided on the website but haven’t received any response. This is driving me insane… Can anyone help? Does anyone know a trick?

        • james hinchley says

          me as well, its driving me nuts. have done like 6 applications, all in the batch file and never any button to pay !!!!! and no response from immigration indonesia !!!

          • Nina says

            hey there, I had the same issue and was able to solve it by going to batch application, then clicking on the batch no. At the bottom of the page was a button where you had to submit the application. The status of the application then changed from draft to waiting for payment. When clicking on transaction no. and scroll to the bottom of the page I was then able to see the payment information as shown in the article above. A button then appears and I was able to do the payment through that.
            Hope this is helping!

  12. Hi Melissa. Great article.
    I see a few people have experienced the same problem I am having right now. I have successfully applied and have my application number, but on my form there is no ‘Make a Payment’ button. Clicking on the ‘Waiting for Payment’ button does nothing and goes nowhere.
    Any ideas?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Gary, I am not sure since I havent encountered that issue myself. Maybe you can try making a different application the next day?

  13. Kyouma says

    Hi Melissa,

    Thank you for the great post! I applied evoa and I filled in all the correct information and full address. However, in the approved email and the website for the visa document, It shows only the area where I am staying at, not the full address. I have a question if you had encountered this before. And if it is okay? Thank you Melissa

    • Melissa says

      Hey Kyouma, I checked my past visas and it showed the full address of the hotel and the hotel name. That said, they might have changed it recently to just show the partial address? I think just be prepared to give the address when you are at the indonesian immigration side.

      • Mansi says

        Hi Melissa,

        I am travelling to bali some time soon with a single letter mistake in the last name / surname in my child’s EVOA. Will I be able to get through.. or will have to buy another voa ?

        • Melissa says

          Hmmm that’s a tricky one, I really don’t know the answer. You could try to get through with the evoa on arrival, but they may insist that you get another voa so be prepared to pay for it.

  14. It's Jo again says

    Please help! On 4 November paid for my B211A visa (and I have the bank statement showing the withdrawal and completed process from the Indonesian side, so the cost has def been deducted/received) – but when I try to retrieve or download the visa, an error window pops up saying: “Oops! No data found.” What the hell? It has been 3 days since I paid for it and I can’t get it. Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, was there a fix?
    I’ve tried retrieving it in Firefox Incognito, Chrome and even Bing. Same error on all.
    I also emailed the MOLINA office a few days ago – no response.
    I am open to all and any ideas and suggestions.

  15. OMG, I thought I was the only one losing my mind with the eVOA system. I’m applying for a B211A and it’s taken days to register/upload my info. I had to edit my name on the application and BAM. All my information vanished from the site. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, did your info pop back up on the site? I’ve still got a month before going to Indo, but I’m feeling sick about running out of time because of the glitchy system.
    Also, payment. Let your bank know beforehand you’ll be making an international payment and to allow your card to make international payments (or just Indo).
    Better still, if your bank has an app, you should be able to change your card authorisations on the app.

  16. Website problems with visa extension online ! 🙁
    Seems like there’s an issue with the website in the last week. Getting 500 error.
    Clicking on “make a payment” does nothing
    So I can’t pay and extend
    Tried opening in Incognito as well
    I’m logged in and authenticated
    anyone encountered? what can I do?

  17. I couldn’t see any way to apply without making an account, but now it seems that to apply for a second person I need an account for that person. Seems like a waste of time + I am scared of making mistakes, or making mistakes just on one application. We are not going to Bali, the airport we are landing at seems to have mostly domestic flights, and the international ones are from ASEAN and I think ASEAN passport holders do not require any form of visa. So I might just risk it and do it really on arrival…

    • Melissa says

      Hey there, if the airport is international they should be fine, but doing it on arrival is an option too of course. Just make sure the airport offers visa on arrival on the spot!

    • ask3538 says

      To my experience, making an account is the best way for any visa applications in this immigration website.

  18. Karan says

    Hi. I saw in a few online videos that the wizard asks for flight details and date of arrival. However now that I am trying to fill in the form it is not asking for these two details . Is that going to be a problem? Because i checked with a few friends who did this process have the arrival date mentioned in their EVOA.

  19. Adinda says

    Did you receive the approval on time? Mine was approved within 2 days. It’s the first time I’m doing this online, so curious to hear how it went for you.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Adinda, are you referring to the regular e-VoA that allows up to 30 days stay? If so, that is what I applied for and the approval was pretty much instant. I have done it four times so far.

  20. Does anyone know how long an application takes for a 60 day B211A tourism via? I requested and paid for this 4 days ago via the Molina website and the status is still waiting approval. And my flight is over 2 days.

    • Danial says

      i have been waiting for 2 weeks too. everyday i try to reach out to someone but nobody seems to be helping. the payment is already deducted from me and when i go into the website, it shows error…

      • Jee Sus says

        same here….a week passed and my flight is tomorrow…scamming website, I’d have to make a VOA and pay it too
        corrupted system

  21. Great article Melissa, I having trouble like a few others. I tried to open an account like you suggested but never received an activation email (checked the my junk mail). So I decided just to apply. Uploaded my picture and passport with little problem, and hit save. Move on to the next section but the bottom of the page has no section to input a form of payment. The “waiting for payment” button doesn’t seem to do anything. I’ve tried different browsers, making a second and third application, waiting several hours between…. Nothing

  22. I created an account and applied for my B213 visa. I thought I could click “add” and submit an application for my spouse but all that did was create a second application for myself. So now I have 2 applications pending payment. Questions: 1. How do I delete one? 2. If I have waited a couple of days, will they have expired and if I try to pay for one, will it create a problem? 3. Should I create a 3rd application and immediately pay for that one only? 4. Does my spouse need to apply with his own account?

    • Melissa says

      You dont need to worry about pending application. They don’t care. Just pay one of them (or create another one if both have expired) and you’ll have your visa. Your spouse needs their own account.

  23. Esteban says

    Hi everyone, I am doing a visa run at the moment and now trying to reapply for EVOA to get to Bali. I was already granted an Electronic visa 2 months ago, but somehow the famous ACCOUNT NOT ACTIVATED still appears so I can´t log in. Any thought? Been 3 hours going crazy

  24. Emily says

    Thank you so much for this article!!!!!

    I was really nervous about this and had a bit of trouble with the post codes, but this guided me through.

    no issues and got my VOA in my inbox within 2 mins!

    Thanks xxx

  25. Nicole says

    Hi 🙂
    I’ve been trying to get a visa just to go through the airport ( I’m leaving the visa free transit zone), and I’m unsure what to put for residency during the application.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Nicole, I guess I would put the airport in that case. Maybe you can try that?

      • Nicole says

        Thanks for the help so far 🙂 Unfortunately I’ve tried to put the address of the airport and the postal code isn’t being accepted. I found the postal code online to be 19120. Is there potentially a different code?

  26. Rupal Chavda says

    Hi, I’m currently trying to apply for a 30D visa for Bali however as you mentioned above, the postcode requires 6 digits but the post codes in Bali are only 5. I have even tried to use the website you suggested. How do I get around this?


    • Melissa says

      Hey Rupal, the postal codes in Bali is 5 digits as well. If you can share the place you are staying I can help you with the postal code

  27. Rena says

    Dear Melissa,

    My application was proceeding fine and then the system got stuck and did not display any payment fields – and then the application expired. Have you / anyone ever come across this? Do I need to start a new one? I opened the account and this application still sits with – WAITING FOR PAYMENT sign.

    Many thanks,

    • Melissa says

      Hey Rena, if the payment link still doesnt appear by now I would just make another application. It’s fine to have multiple visa applications.

      • Rena says

        Thank you so much for you advice, Melissa. Doing it again!

        Kindest, Rena.

        • Nick says

          Any updates on this?

          I have the same issue and tried it with two appliacations

        • I am having the same problem now – no ‘Make a Payment’ button at all on my application. Did you get yours sorted out?

  28. Franco says

    It is being impossible to pay the fee. The system keeps canceling the transaction.
    I called my bank and they told me it is approved but then rejected by the website.

    Any help?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Franco, does your card support 3DS? it could be why it was rejected. Unfortunately I think the only option for you would be to get the visa on arrival at the airport

  29. Kay says

    I am trying to fill out the visa application but am not sure what to put for my accommodations. I will be splitting my time between Bali, Nuda Penida, and Flores but the application only allows for one location. I will be in each area for about the same amount of time. Should I put the place I am in first? Or the place I am in last?

    Any info is apprecaited.^^

    • Melissa says

      usually the first place you’re staying is fine. Or you can put the place you’ll be staying longest.

  30. Leonardo says

    Hi Melissa!
    I ve got my e visa from the account of my girlfriend (I find the b213 batch application).
    We entered and had the visa applied to our passports.
    Now the problem is that my girlfriend (she has the account) could extend the visa clicking the link,but the system doesn’t allowed me to do the same from *batch application”….
    Any suggest?
    Should I go to immigration office to extend?
    Thanks you

    • Melissa says

      Hey Leonardo, it does seem like you can only extend online if you have an account yourself. Try going to the immigration office and let me know how it goes

    • Hi Leonardo, I have the same problem. What was your solution? Thanks in advance!

  31. James Kim says

    Hey Melissa! I haven’t regisered for a MOLINA account but everytime I try to upload my passport photo i get an error saying couldn’t read file..any suggestions? I have even followed the “terms and conditions” guidelines!

    • Melissa says

      what format is your passport photo in? maybe you can use services like tinyjpg to convert it to jpg of lower size

    • ask3538 says

      I have the same problem when uploading the passport picture. The system is very picky. Looks like it does not like the black & white photograph in the newer passport model. In this case, take both pages to include the color photographs. I was successfully uploading the picture that I took with my phone camera.

  32. Rohit says

    Hi Melissa,

    I got the e-voa without any issues but the place of birth is not matching the passport. My passport has place of Birth = City, State as but the e-visa shows place of Birth = Country. Is that going to be a problem during immigration.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Rohit, just checked the e-VoA we have and it also shows place of birth as country. We were let through just fine and we’ve done this three times so far. As long as your passport number and name is correct, it should be fine.

      • Rohit says

        Thanks a lot Melissa for the quick reply.

        I had mailed this discrepancy to `[email protected]` and `[email protected]` and to my surprise I received the response within 10hrs that the place of birth is fixed now. I can see it updated correctly on my E-VOA when I download it from the website again.

        • Melissa says

          Oh i’m really glad! I was under the impression they are not that responsive, but I was wrong!

          • Bill says

            Has all the options changed?

            I got the B213 but now see thats replaced with either B1 or B2.

            I am attending some buisness meetings

          • Melissa says

            Hey Bill, I think as long as you qualify for the visa on arrival, you can proceed to get the electronic visa on arrival which is B213.

  33. Tina Chiu says

    Hi Melissa

    We completed the online visa application and paid, but found out that one of the passport numbers is wrong, we tried emailing [email protected] but no reply, what should we do now ?


    • Melissa says

      Hey Tina, that’s a shame. From what I gather they don’t seem to be responsive on email. I have a feeling you might have to do another application and pay up for the wrong application… you could try and resolve when you land in Indonesia, but just be mentally prepared that you might just have to pay for another visa later on if they are unable to resolve it for you in the airport.

  34. Ken says

    I tried to apply eVOA again and again but my payment is always declined.
    Why does this happen?
    I tried to use VISA or JCB card to pay but the system refused.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Ken, try calling your bank. They might be the one blocking the international transaction

  35. Mark Catalano says

    Advice – It doesn’t work well as a Guest, Choose to register when submitting your eVisa application and then the Payment link will be visible. When I tried as a guest the Payment link was not visible. I tried several times before finally figuring this out and it worked on the first try after registering.

      • Lydia says

        How long does it normally take for the account to be processed? Have just tried to create one but tried to login but cannot as account hasn’t been “activated”. But have not received “activation email”? Thanks

  36. Youssef says

    thanks for that , great to hear it will be issued after payment not take weeks as mentioned in many sites

  37. Tim says

    HI Melissa,

    I had issue with my card being blocked and the application status is saying “Payment Failed”.
    It does not provide any way to recover the payment again.
    Should I be creating a new application again? Not sure it will create a problem later on if there is multiple application since the system is quite new.
    Does anyone experience any issue creating multiple applications for the same person?


    • Melissa says

      Hey Tim, if the first application was not paid, you will be fine to create another application.

    • John S. says

      I had the same problem. I created a new application and used a different credit card but it generated the same result. Now my wife and I have eVisas but we don’t have one for our child. So I am not sure which line we will even want to get in when we arrive or if we will have to pay again or what. Very frustrating.

  38. ask3538 says

    Hi Melissa, you have a very thorough step by step directions here. Very helpful!. Thank you for that.
    Do you have any experiences in extending the eVoA. There is an information somewhere in the internet saying that you have to enter the country first before you can extend, that make sense. But then some people complaining about cannot find their application under the extend page. Long story short, they have to go to an immigration office for extending.

    • Melissa says

      Hey there, I have not needed to extend for the visa myself, but when I login to my MOLINA account I can see the option to extend. When I click on it, I am able to see an option to submit application to extend (though I did not actually click on submit, since I am already out of Indonesia and I don’t need the extension)

    • Melissa says

      I added a screenshot of how extending looks like to my post. Can you check? It seems that if you had created a MOLINA account when you applied for the visa, the process is straightforward

      • ask3538 says

        Thank you for responding in timely manner. I saw your screenshot. I also can see the extended button in my account, still no content because I have not entered the country. Hopefully I will not have the same experience like others that still do not see it after 2 weeks in the country.

          • ask3538 says

            Updates from me…… 🙂
            The extension button popped in my account without one week waiting. I was not sure when it really happened but on day 2 when I checked my account, I found the extension button there.
            Anyway, the visa on arrival desk were still there in the airport. So, visitors can just pay the visa fee right away on the spot.

  39. Ajitsinh Solanki says

    Great write up, it helped me a lot, everything worked for me, for waiting for payment, you need to click on “Details” and pay the amount.
    Keep up the good work Melissa.

    • Kristina says

      Hey Ajitsinh, where do I find “Details” exactly? I have the same problem and I am absolutely stuck … I could click on payment “Visa”, but it never asked me for credit card details.’
      Thanks in advance!

  40. Mark Griffith says

    The EVOA website is basically useless and unusable…I’ll take my chances on arrival!

  41. Carol Celedine says

    Hi there, please note this system is totally flawed and is an embarrassment to the Indonesian Government. When the system scans your passport it makes mistakes everywhere. If not picked up by you then you have to pay for ANOTHER Visa when you arrive.
    The Passport Issue Date does not appear on the passport scan confirmation, but when you get the visa it appears and is usually (90% of the time) incorrect.
    I had to purchase 4 new visas on arrival because of the mistake on the eVOA. So make sure you check the information on the eVOA.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Carol, Thanks for this warning! I’ll add it to my post

    • ask3538 says

      Hi Carol, you mentioned about the system scans passport. Did you use a cell phone to do the application? I used a computer and I manually entered all the data (such as number, issuance & expiration dates, etc). I had no issue doing this way.

  42. Els says

    I have applied for my eVOA twice now and don’t have the ‘make payment’ button on either of them so it just says ‘waiting for payment’. It’s very frustrating and looks like I will have to get one at the airport. Do you know if doing multiple applications would be a problem when doing the VOA at the airport?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Els, that is frustrating indeed. You can get the visa on arrival at the airport, shouldnt be any issue on doing multiple applications.

    • Serina says

      Hi Els, I had this same frustrating issue. The “waiting for payment” button is a ruse. What worked for me was clicking the “Submit” button on the main/overview page where you can view all of your Visa applications. When I clicked that it said “Submit as guest or create account”. I clicked create account and chose an email. Then I was able to go into the detail of my application and scroll all the way down to the left of the red timer (“14 hours left” for example) and click “make a payment”. Hope that helps you!

      • Melissa says

        Hey Serina, so creating an account helped the issue? Did you have to re-submit the application after creating an account?

  43. Renaud says

    Bonjour, nous voulons compléter le masque de saisie mais l’appli du site bloque sur le numéro de tél. Nous avons essayé
    Avez-vous une idée?
    Merci d’avance

    • Melissa says

      Hey Renaud, sorry i do not speak french. I tried doing a google translate and it seems the app is rejecting your phone number? it should be +33 then your phone number

  44. Hannah says

    Hey, what can I do if it’s saying my face picture and passport photo don’t match? I look older, but that’s it! I don’t know how I change my face 😅

  45. Leona McCarthy says

    Hey Melissa,

    This is very helpful thank you! I have applied for my E-VOA and received the payment confirmation link saying all is approved but my visa is saying the application expired. Do you know why this might be or should I just re-apply?

    Thanks in advance

    • Melissa says

      did you receive the pdf in your email? if you received the pdf, you should be good

  46. Kaka says

    Visa on arrival electronic (e-voa) applicants are not required to register an account

    Visa on arrival electronic (e-voa) application can be done simultaneously for 5 people

    • Melissa says

      thanks! looks like the molina website has been updated since the last time i applied for e-VOA!

    • Alex says

      Thank you so much for the extremely useful info and user friendly website, you are awesome!:)

      I am flying from Bangkok to Jakarta on the 1st July and I don’t know if I have enough time for the online visa application to be approved.

      From the moment I submit the online visa application, how long does it take to get the visa?

      • Melissa says

        Hey Alex, assuming everything went smoothly, you should get your visa instantly after payment. Some people have had issues with payment, or the website being non-responsive, but you should definitely try! I’m about to apply myself for my June 30 trip 🙂

  47. Valeria says

    Hello Melissa,

    I’ve made my application for my e-voa and I successfully pay through the link and received the confirmation of payment in my email.
    Now when I go to my profile on Molina, it says “waiting for payment”
    I’ve made the payment 3 hours ago and it’s still the same. The payment link is about to expire and I don’t have the visa yet.
    What can I do?

    • Melissa says

      have you checked that the payment has been reflected on your credit card?

      • Valeria says

        Yes but the status of the payment is pending and my visa application on Molina has expired now…

        • Melissa says

          hmm you might want to reach out to the support. did you screenshot the payment successful page?

          • Valeria says

            I didn’t reach the payment successful page because it was a 404 page not found error. Even though the charge has been made in my account and I receive a payment recipt from the payment platform in my email. I’ve already email the support. I will keep you updated for the future. Also, when uploading my photo/passport I discovered they have to be the same photo as it was not leaving me continue with the process.

  48. Sam says

    HI! I was wondering if the [redacted] is a valid 3rd party website to obtain your visa and extension. I am going to be there for 31 days and cannot change my flight to 30 to avoid the extension. This website seems legit to me but your post is making me nervous. Through using [redacted], it seems like an agent will be able to take care of the extension for me.

    I also have another question, do you think it would be easier to do the 60 day visa even though it is more expensive so that I do not have to go to an immigration office during the duration of my trip?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Sam,

      I can’t vouch for that website since I have never used it, but it’s possible that they are a legit agent. Just that you’d have to pay an extra hefty fee for it.

      I was messing around with MOLINA and it seems like you are able to apply for E-Visa now using MOLINA for Rp 1,500,000. So it just depends which way you want to go.

      If I were you I would try for the 60 day visa since that website is charging so much more.

      Hope it helps!

  49. Marlene Z says

    Hi Melissa,

    Thank you so much for your post- it is immensely helpful!

    Quick question – I was able to submit the application, and it looks like it is in draft mode. I received an email that it has been received. However, when I click on the transaction number, the “make payment” link does not pop up. It’s been over an hour- does the status have to change to “Approved” in the system first before you can submit payment? I would think you have to submit payment first to process the application. I’ll keep refreshing, hopefully it’s just a glitch! I also am confused what it means by “draft” mode. Shouldn’t it say “submitted” or something like that? It looks like the application is complete on my end. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    • Melissa says

      Hey Marlene, if the status is still Draft, there is a big chance it hasn’t been submitted yet. Can you try to make another application and see if it works? As long as you haven’t paid, it should be ok to have multiple applications.

  50. Siobhan Tomkinson says

    I have been trying for literally hours to get it to accept my passport scan and it just will not. I’ve tried scanning it, taking a photo of it, resizing it up , resizing it down adjusting the contrast up and down. I’ve tried jpg, png… I must have tried in excess of 50 times, and it keeps saying it can’t read the file. Absolute waste of time and VERY frustrating.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Siobhan, understand the frustration and it seems like you’re not the only one facing issues. Just to confirm, you scanned the passport detail page of your passport, including the barcodes on the bottom?

    • ask3538 says

      I had the same experience before. The passport acceptance system is very picky. I scanned my passport with a scanner, the system won’t accept, 300 dpi, 600 dpi, the same thing. Finally it accepted the passport picture I took with my cellphone camera.

  51. PRADEEP says

    I have tried applying eVoa online on chrome for B213 from India. The website accepts with success my details, and uploaded Photo and Passport scan. After submit the email activation page is not popping up nor am i receiving email for verification and it just takes me to login page. It says Login not validated on trying to login. Dont know how to go ahead.

    Is there a problem if my passport does not have a surname but only given name in my Passport…In my passport surname is blank. Please advise as I tried with Gmail and Rediffmail. When i try to create account again it says email already exits and is not accepting both my mail id’s. Please help or suggest as I have tickets and hotels booked.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Pradeep, unfortunately I think many people experienced the same thing and I have yet to hear anyone who managed to resolve it. You can try emailing them at [email protected], but I have heard they are not responsive. Your best bet is to just get visa on arrival when you get to Indonesia.

  52. Stefan says

    Dear Melissa,

    We are visiting Java and Bali with our 2 children aged 2 and 4 on 1st July. We have a journey of more than 30 days. Can we request an evoa on the same account or do we have to create a separate account for the children?

    In addition, we hope that you can advise us on how and when we can best extend the visa to 60 days.


    • Melissa says

      Hey Stefan, in my experience I did have to create separate accounts even for children too. To extend, you can just login to your MOLINA account again and click on the “Extend” navigation menu.

    • Tennessee says

      I just applied for my e-VOA and it went great! My e-VOA is approved. After that I wanted to extend it because I’ll be staying around 36 days. But when I push the “extend” button, there is no e-VOA that I can select.
      Can I only extend my e-VOA once arrived in Bali? Or does the site need some time to registrate it? I thought I could immediately extend it.
      Thank you so much in advance!!

      • Melissa says

        Hey Stefan, I am able to see my profile in the Extend menu. Maybe you can try again in a few days or after you arrive in Bali. Let me know which one works!

      • ask3538 says

        Hi, do you have an update on this? You have to enter the country before you can see the eVoA in the extend page. Anyway, some people complained about never saw it popped and ended going to an immigration office for extending old school way.

  53. Raymond Wilson says

    Howdy, I’ve got a problem getting a EVOA online because I mucked up the first effort with the size of the pics, and on numerous attempts to re-apply, it won’t let me go ahead because it says my email already exists, even though the first attempt failed. It appears the system doesn’t wipe out the email even though I couldn’t get through the next stage of registering an account.
    Any thoughts, Ray Wilson

  54. Craig says

    Hey Melissa, Thanks for the helpful information.
    One question for you what are we supposed to put in the “Immigration Office” field?

    I have a trip coming up soon and will be landing at the Jakarta airport. But I am really unsure what is supposed to go on this line. Am I supposed to visit an immigration office here in the US before I go? Or what is supposed to go here?


    • Melissa says

      Hey Craig, it seems that you just need to input the postal code of the address you’d be staying while in Indonesia. The Immigration Office field will then be automatically populated

  55. Issy says

    Hi Melissa,
    Sorry you’ve had so many questions but can I ask another please – I’m going to arrive in Indonesia in July and stay for 60 days. The eVisa says it “must be used within 90 days from the date of issue” – does that mean you must enter within 90 days from date of issue, but then you can have 60 days (I will be leaving Indonesia more than 90 days from now so just wondering how soon I can apply for the visa). Thanks so much!

    • Melissa says

      Hey Issy, yes your understanding is correct. the 60 days will only kick in once you have entered Indonesia.

      • Cynde Fung says

        Hi Melissa,

        I am unable to see MOLINA app on Iphone or Android, phone. Is this the real name or does it has another
        name for app.

        • Melissa says

          Hey Cynde. It’s not an app, it’s a website. Follow the link on my post to get there

  56. Tennessee says

    Hello Melissa
    Can you please explain how I can extend my e-VOA for Indonesia? Thank you very much in advance!

  57. Mary says

    Hi there,

    I’m trying to complete my eVOA and when I type 80363 as the postal code for Grand Hyatt Bali it keeps saying invalid, but that is the correct one. Everything else is grayed out so I can’t proceed with the application. What should I do?

    Thank you!

    • Melissa says

      Hey Mary, there is a section where I described how to fill in address above. Please try following the instruction I have written

      • Mary says

        Thank you, Melissa. I did follow your instructions however, for some reason, it’s only recognizing certain zip codes. The correct zip code for my location is 80363. If I type in 80361 which is a different village it recognizes it and populates the data based on that zip code. But 80363 does not recognize it and says invalid.

        • Melissa says

          Wow that is so weird and frustrating 🙁 will you be staying at any other accommodation?

        • Dan says

          I’m having the same issue for the postal code (80363) in the e-VOA app. The webform validation/population is whacked…I’ve tried on 3 different browsers and 2 different devices. Kind of hoping it gets resolved before next week…

        • Melissa says

          Hey Mary, not sure if you’re already in Bali but i encountered the same issue and managed to find a fix. can you check my post again? i have updated it

    • Claire says


      Any luck? I have run into the same issue today and is super frustrating!!

  58. igor says

    Hi Melissa,
    I cannot upload passport.
    Always say error.. I did many time and different kind of picture, always follow criteria.
    can you help me?

  59. Holly says

    Hello – Thanks for the helpful post.

    I am applying online and after asking for my date of arrival, it asks for a flight number – is this the flight I am arriving on or do they want to see I have booked a return?

    Just want to make sure before I put the wrong details! 🙂

    Thanks in advance

    • IGOR says

      Hi, I try to signup and create an account but
      are 2 days that when upload passport.. always error.. same error.. I think there is problem after update site May 8th.
      Someone can help me?

  60. Niklas says

    Hi Melissa,
    thanks for the provided information!
    Just one question, with eVoa, do I need a return flight ticket within 30 days when entering (even though I’m planning to extend it to 60 days)? Or is a return ticket 60 days after arriving fine? If I need one at all?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Melissa says

      Hey Niklas, I suppose it will depend on your luck. I have never been checked for a return flight when entering Indonesia, but I did hear they check sometimes. I think if you have a return flight you can just show it and explain that you plan to extend online. Be prepared to show proof (a page that says you can extend, your flight booking, hotel bookings, etc)

      • MarkDV says

        Hello Melissa, thanks for the very clear instructions for the eVOA as there’s a lot of confusion about this online. Do you have any experience with the extend?


  61. Tennessee says

    First of all: your blog is really helpful. I didn’t even know that een e-VOA was possible! That’s so much easier!
    I am going to Bali this summer for 1 month & 4 days, which is more than 30 days, so I need to extend my visa.
    Can you please explain me how can I extend my e-VOA?

    Thank you in advance.

  62. Fran says

    Hi, Do you know how to trigger an account activation email? I have created my Molina account on the website, but have not received an email to activate my account, so therefore can’t login to apply for visa as I get a message saying account not activated. The same thing has happens to my partner. Have tried reaching out to immigrasi via email, Facebook and instagram message and have had no response.

    Really need to apply for the eVOA as opposed to getting one in person on arrival – as we will be staying longer than 30 days so will need a 30 day extension which we want to do online rather than having to travel to an immigration office multiple time as we have plans to be moving around a fair bit during this time.
    Thanks Fran

      • Dana says

        Hi Melissa,

        I am in the exact same situaton as Fran. We have tried many times as well to create an account. It seems all goes well yet we never receive the account activation email. No one ever replies from the visa website either.

        • Melissa says

          Sorry to hear that Dana. Worst case, you can still do visa on arrival when you arrive in Indonesia.

    • Jeremy says

      The same thing happened to me 3 days ago. I tried emailing as well. I had someone from ingrasi write back asking for the email, to which i sent and then radio silence. Hope they get back to me soon.

      • Melissa says

        Indeed it seems like something has gone wrong with the account creation for many people. Please do keep us posted whether it gets fixed!

    • Nellie says

      Hi there
      Same problem for me. I applied on 5 may but no activation email. I’ve emailed [email protected] with no response, and I just emailed the Sydney office of the Indonesian embassy at [email protected].

      At least I know others are having the same problem, and its not that I mis-entered my email.

      I will report back in if I hear back from the Sydney office.
      And thanks Melissa for your excellent guidance!

    • Nellie says

      Hi there – I received the following response from the Sydney office of the Indonesian embassy:

      “If you encounter difficulties to apply eVoA, you can apply Visa on your arrival at the Indonesian Airport visa counter.”

      So no online VOA for us and back to the old analog “go to the visa counter”.


  63. Steven says

    Hi Melissa,

    I need to travel to Indonesia twice in the same month.

    Do you know if I can re-enter Indonesia with the same visa, or would I need to apply another time?

    • Melissa says

      visa on arrival is single entry, so you’ll need to apply for another one if you left Indonesia then came back

  64. Gopal says

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for putting this together. We arrive in Bali in the next 2 days. While the e-VoA was no issue, on the eCD website, my full name doesn’t quite fit in the space they’ve given for it (I blame my parents more than the folks who designed the ecd website). Not sure how to proceed because of this. Would you know if it is better to ask for a hard copy to fill out at the time? Or is it ok to shorten the name or will cause any issues at the immigration counter?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Melissa says

      Hey Gopal, if I remember correctly there was no more physical copy customs to fill out at the airport. so I would just fill in whatever characters you can fit in but make sure your passport number is correct. Immigration doesn’t check custom, it is a step after that. Worst come to worse you could just refill the ecd based on the instruction given at airport.

  65. Will Neethling says

    Hi Melissa
    Great article and info!
    My problem is that, no matter which photo I try to upload, it keeps rejecting the photo and says I need a neutral facial expression. I’ve tried about 10 different pics.
    Any suggestions?

    • Melissa says

      It’s hard to say without seeing the photo but generally it needs to be a passport photo on plain background

      • Will Neethling says

        Thanks Melissa. Yes, it is a passport pic. I’ve tried the original photo in my passport, as well as about 10 slightly different looks against a blank wall. Maybe I just look grumpy all the time! 🙂
        Is there any way to contact Imigrasi? I tried the chat on their FB page, but no reply.

        • Melissa says

          I had no luck contacting imigrasi unfortunately. Maybe you can try uploading again on a different day. One last question: did you crop the photo to be exactly 4:6 ratio?

  66. Adele says

    Hi Melissa, we’re travelling quite a bit around Bali, Java, and Sulawesi, and have only booked the first couple of nights as it depends on trains and weather when we will be able to reach our next destination. Will it be okay to just put in the first night in Bali on the address part?

  67. Bryan says

    Hey Melissa,
    Great information. I am attempting to create an account to get an eVOA and it asks for “mothers name”. Is this mothers full name of maiden name?

  68. Bella says


    I’m currently in the process of creating my Molina account, however it’s asking me for ‘Mothers name’. Not sure if I’m being oblivious, but what does it mean by this?


  69. Rio says

    Hi Melissa, great article. Once you have the evoa, which immigration lines do you use? The foreigner or visa on arrival line? Thanks

    • Melissa says

      Hey Rio, I used the Visa on Arrival one but I think any one of them would have been fine. Whichever one had shorter line i guess!

  70. Carlos & Katey says

    Hello Melissa,
    My wife and I are very grateful that we encountered your travel the world site.

    You have made our Indonesia eVOA process so simple with the Google map hack to filing the residency part of the government web application.

    It took us weeks to get hotels to get us the information that your solution resolved in minutes.

    It should now be a smooth entry from Singapore!

    If we encounter you out there somewhere, we owe you a couple of rounds 😎 🍻 😉

    • Melissa says

      Hey Carlos & Katey! I’m glad I was able to help. enjoy your stay in Indonesia 🙂

  71. Ava says

    My passport number keeps getting denied saying it’s 1 number too short. Has anyone else experienced this??

    • Melissa says

      hey ava, which country is your passport from and how long is it?

      • Sarah says

        Hi Melissa
        Thank u for the Great Article.
        Do you Know how to apply for a childrens evisa? We have created single accounts for all of our children and pictures and passports were accepted. But we are Not allowed to apply for the 60day e Visa, it says the passports arent eligiable… what can we do?

        • Melissa says

          Hey Sarah, can they apply for e-VoA? you can extend it once to become 60 days if you need it to be longer than 30 days

  72. Steve says

    Hi. We’re staying at 3 hotels. The first one for just a few hours (late arrival into Bali) then Sofitel (5 nights) and Club Med (6 nights). Do we put the first hotel (few hours) or put one of the other two do you think?

  73. Christie says

    I keep getting a denied message when I try to register. Does anyone else have experience with this and if so how did you fix it? Thanks!

    • Melissa says

      Hey Christie, have you tried using a different browser or a different device? Or sometimes trying at a later time would do the trick. I experienced issues on my first visa application, but a few hours later it worked.

      • Heather says

        Hi, 3 of us are travelling to Bali in April. One of the group tried several times to upload photo of passport, but kept getting denied. Tried again today but uploaded the passport photo before the actual photo and and this worked. It’s a bit of a ridiculous issue where this glitch happens when the photo is actually fine but website just won’t accept it. Also clear the device (laptop/phone) cache for the site before trying again.

  74. Manu says

    Hello Melissa thank you for all the information.
    May I ask another thing, when filling in ‘ Full name ‘ do you put your given and middle name first and finally your surname ? or do you have to start with your surname ?

    • Melissa says

      I put given name and then surname. As long as it matches your passport and your passport number is correct it should be fine.

  75. Klaudio says

    Hello. I’m trying to apply for a eVOA, but I’m gonna be staying at three different hotels, and the application won’t allow me to add more than one address. Does anyone have any experience with this?

  76. Kris Peterson says

    Hoping you can help. When applying, it asked for my arrival date. I put in the arrival date, but when it came time to the option of paying, it shows my arrival date as a “depature date” Is that OK? I applied for the Tourism Single-Entry Visitor Visa 60 Days

    • Melissa says

      Yeah the same thing happened to us. But it was okay since the visa was still issued correctly.

    • Melissa says

      by the way this method is only for e-visa on arrival (e-VOA) and i think you will only be granted 30 days. It is extendable though.

  77. Elvie Sim says

    Kindly advise if pav is in Bali now and already done the EVOA & ECD, and he is now going to Jakarta immediately after Bali, Must he reapply for EVOA & ECD again before going to Bali.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Elvie, not sure who pav is but if he is just traveling domestically he doesn’t need to do evoa and ecd again.

  78. Benita DeMeo says

    Hi Melissa.
    I got my e-visa 2 weeks ago, but do I need to fill out other, ie customs declaration?

    Benita DeMeo

  79. Sasha says

    Hi Melissa

    My partner has unfortunately applied for his visa with the incorrect expiry date of the passport which you can’t change.
    Can he apply for another with a different email address?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Melissa says

      Hm, they can try to apply with another email, but likely have to pay for another Rp 500,000 for the visa. are you absolutely sure you can’t change the passport expiry date? what about adding another passport (it’s been awhile since I logged in, so I dont know if you can). If you have time, i would also try to reach out to their support email.

  80. Claire says

    Hi Melissa,
    Thank you for your article! it’s very helpful.
    One question:
    I applied for a visa on arrival and got approved but the blue words say it is “visitor visa”. It is different from your “e-VOA”. Besides, I could not find the option for “e-VOA” but I paid the same total amount of fee as you mentioned above.

    How do you find the option “e-VOA” in the system?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Claire. I think if you have gotten approved for visitor visa, you should be fine. e-VOA is just the electronic way to apply for a visa on arrival, which was supposed to be on arrival at the airport but was creating long queue during peak time. But at the end of the day the outcome is a tourist visa. So, if you have gotten a visa it doesn’t matter what the method you use!

  81. Brian McBain says

    Hi Melissa, I’ve been trying to complete the online E-via application, however, even though I’m only staying on Gili T, there are no corresponding names in the drop down boxes for Province/City/District etc etc for the information I’ve been given by people on Gili (Hotel Manager)….very frustrating. How did you go completing this.

    Trying to send email to Immigration to sort out.

    Enjoy your travels.

    • Keira Andrews says

      I had the same issue. It’s extremely frustrating! I’m staying at the St. Regis, and none of the info in the address of the hotel corresponded to the dropdowns on the visa application. I had to scour Google maps to figure out the district, village, etc. Once you figure out the city (in my case, Badung), it narrows down the options for the district and village. Thank goodness for Google.

      Thanks for the post, Melissa! 🙂

      • Melissa says

        Thanks Keira for this info! i’ll look into it more and see if I can provide more information.

  82. hi, thanks for the tips regarding filling this out. I’m curious what is the best way to get A photo of the applicant – which needs to be in a 4:6 ratio and at least 400×600 pixels in size?
    Can I just take a pic from my phone and resize it?

      • Shoey says

        Hi Melissa,

        How big should be the upload file for the passport as I have tried multiple attempts to upload it but it keeps saying please wait and nothing happens.


  83. Hi. I am Jef and I would like to apply for Indonesia’s e-VOA too.
    You wrote that you chose the wrong gender then you corrected it.
    So, does it mean you had 2 softcopies of e-VOA? (one with incorrect gender and one with correct gender)

    And, may I check if we should include a ‘comma’ in the name section? (Chinese passport has a ‘comma’ after the surname)

    • Derrick says

      I completed the online visa application without any problems until it came time with my Visa debit card. The website would not take any of my four valid cards. I even received the OTP from the banks accepting payments. The Indonesia website would not complete the transact ion. I applied for the VOA 22 days in advance. I have sent emails to three listed immigration emails …still no reply
      Do you know if I arrived at the Bali airport with the completed E VOA form , could I pay for the online missing payments in cash at the airport.?
      I would much rather have the online visa as it would be easier to extend online
      #2) Are the Goa issued at the airport extendable online ? I would prefer to have the ability to extend the visa online and not through an agency
      Thank you in advance

      • Melissa says

        Hey Derrick, unfortunately I think e-VOA needs to be paid online. Perhaps you can contact your bank to see why the transaction was denied.

      • ask3538 says

        Derrick, I had the same experience with my credit card. Actually the rejection is not by the website but by my credit card. I found that because I talked to my card provider. After that I used a different card, finally it worked. My suggestion, try to use different card, does not have to be under your name.

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