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How to apply for Indonesia Electronic Visa on Arrival (e-VOA) from the OFFICIAL website

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If you are planning a trip to Jakarta or Bali, you most likely will need to pay for Visa on Arrival when you arrive at the airport. This means yet another administration you need to do upon arrival.

You’ll be glad to know, that starting November 2022 you can apply for Visa on arrival online before you actually arrive in Indonesia! This could potentially save you some time from having to line up to pay for Visa on arrival at the airport.

Penjor during Galungan in Bali
Penjor during Galungan in Bali

Do I need Visa on Arrival (VOA) to enter Indonesia?

Unless you hold a passport from a South East Asia country (ASEAN), you will need VOA to enter Indonesia. This means you’ll have to pay Rp 500,000 for a visa each time you enter Indonesia, and it can be done on arrival at the airport.

Check the list of countries eligible to apply for VOA here.

What is Indonesia e-VOA?

e-VOA is an electronic visa on arrival, a process that will let you apply for Visa on Arrival electronically / online, even before your arrival at the airport in Indonesia. This will save you time as you won’t need to line up separately to obtain and pay for VOA when you reach Indonesia.

Do I qualify for Indonesia e-VOA?

As e-VOA is still being rolled out slowly, even if you qualify for VOA, you might not be able to apply for e-VOA. You will need to be holding a passport from one of the approved countries to be able to apply for e-VOA.

On top of that, you need to be arriving at a specified immigration checkpoint – check the list of e-VOA-approved checkpoints here. Most major airports are included, but if you’re arriving via a lesser-known checkpoint, make sure you look it up first!

Where can I apply for Indonesia e-VOA? (Beware of scammers!)

Sign up for an account at MOLINA. This is the OFFICIAL website of the Indonesian government. Don’t use any other link!

There are some third-party agents out there posing as the official website, but they’ll just scam you or charge you more, or worse, steal your identity!

You should only be paying Rp 519,500 for your e-VOA – Rp 500,000 for the e-VOA + 3% credit card fee of Rp 19,500.

How can I apply for Indonesia e-VOA?

If you qualify for e-VOA and want to get it before your arrival in Indonesia, here is what you need to do:

1. Sign up for an account at MOLINA

First and foremost, sign up for an account at MOLINA. Again, this is the OFFICIAL link from the Indonesian government. Don’t use any other link!

Make sure you use an email you can access because you’ll need to activate the account via a link sent to the email.

Tips: You’ll be able to re-use your MOLINA account again for your future trips to Indonesia, so be sure to save this credential somewhere!

When registering, have the following documents ready because you will need to provide them:

  1. A photo of the applicant – which needs to be in a 4:6 ratio and at least 400×600 pixels in size
  2. A scan of the applicant’s passport biodata – I just took a photo of the passport biodata and it worked fine!

Parents take note! You’ll need separate accounts for each person, even for infants and kids. Hopefully, they’ll make this process easier in the future.

2. Create an application for your visa on arrival

Once registered, log in to your MOLINA account with the credentials you’ve set in Step 1. Then, create an application for a visa on arrival by clicking on “Application” then “+ Add“.

You’ll need to do this for each separate trip you’ll be making to Indonesia.

Indonesia e-VOA process

Fill out the form that comes after, indicating your mode of transport and arrival. You’ll also need to provide an address where you’ll be staying. We were going to be staying at multiple hotels in Indonesia, but I’ve just provided the first hotel and it went through fine.

3. Make visa fee payment by credit card

After the application has been created, you’ll need to make the visa fee payment by credit card, and it’s important to note the credit card needs to be 3DS enabled.

Do this by going back to the “Application” tab, then clicking on the transaction number of the application you’ve just created.

Indonesia e-VOA process

Once inside, scroll down to “Payment Information” to access the payment link and provide your credit card number. Make sure that your card has a 3DS or “3D Secure System” and that it is open to international transactions.

The cost for e-VOA is Rp 519,500. Due to the credit card processing fee (3.9%), it is slightly more expensive than paying with cash on arrival (which is Rp 500,000). However, if you ask me, the cost is worth it! And really, Rp 19,500 translates to less than $2.

4. Receive your e-VOA PDF in your email

Once your payment has been confirmed, you’ll receive your e-VOA via email, or you can go back to the Application page again and download your e-VOA PDF from there.

Keep a soft copy of your e-VOA somewhere that you can access if you need to. You can also print it out. In my case, they never asked to see my e-VOA document.

How early should I apply for Indonesia e-VOA?

The e-VOA is only valid for 60 days, so don’t apply too early! I applied one day before my arrival and thankfully everything went smoothly.

What if I made a mistake on my MOLINA profile?

You can still edit some information on your MOLINA profile by editing your profile in the account, and it will be reflected on the e-VOA PDF.

In my case, I accidentally specified the wrong gender and I was worried it would cause issues on arrival, but I was able to just edit my MOLINA profile to switch the gender. When I re-downloaded the e-VOA from the account, it reflected the correct updated gender.

My experience with e-VOA for my Bali trip

I went to Bali in November 2022, a few weeks after the e-VOA system was rolled out.

Applying for e-VOA in my experience was… well, slightly frustrating. I was not able to load the payment link. However, I waited an hour, and the link magically worked. I was able to access the payment link and make payment even after the countdown has expired. I received the e-VOA PDF shortly after.

But, upon arrival at Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali, I was so grateful I took the time to apply for the e-VOA. There was a long line for Visa on Arrival, while there was practically nobody at the immigration line. It took us less than 5 minutes to clear immigration.

And that’s all I know about Indonesia’s electronic visa on arrival. Hope it helps 🙂


  1. Brian McBain says

    Hi Melissa, I’ve been trying to complete the online E-via application, however, even though I’m only staying on Gili T, there are no corresponding names in the drop down boxes for Province/City/District etc etc for the information I’ve been given by people on Gili (Hotel Manager)….very frustrating. How did you go completing this.

    Trying to send email to Immigration to sort out.

    Enjoy your travels.

  2. hi, thanks for the tips regarding filling this out. I’m curious what is the best way to get A photo of the applicant – which needs to be in a 4:6 ratio and at least 400×600 pixels in size?
    Can I just take a pic from my phone and resize it?

  3. Hi. I am Jef and I would like to apply for Indonesia’s e-VOA too.
    You wrote that you chose the wrong gender then you corrected it.
    So, does it mean you had 2 softcopies of e-VOA? (one with incorrect gender and one with correct gender)

    And, may I check if we should include a ‘comma’ in the name section? (Chinese passport has a ‘comma’ after the surname)

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