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Visit Japan Web: How to register your arrival in Japan (Step by step)

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Japan has finally re-opened its door to tourism, an event that I’m sure many of you have long awaited.

With thousands of people entering Japan every day, you can imagine things can get chaotic quickly, so you’ll want to minimize the stress by doing all the immigration and customs processes before your arrival to Japan. And yes, you can do all that online.

Read on to find out how you can simplify your immigration entry to Japan!

A masked Hello Kitty welcomed us to Tokyo

PS: I entered Japan twice while COVID protocols were still in place. It was a painful experience. If you have a morbid curiosity what it was like to enter Japan while all the COVID protocols were still in place, you can read my experience here.

What is Visit Japan Web?

Visit Japan Web is Japan’s online service for immigration procedures and customs declarations, launched in November 2022. While Japan was still dealing with the pandemic, Visit Japan Web also doubled as a way to verify COVID-19 vaccinations.

After Japan scrapped its COVID-related entry requirement, it became a place where visitors could complete their immigration and customs procedures before arriving in Japan. It does make the airport formalities quite efficient!

What is Fast Track?

Now, what is Fast Track? Fast Track was a way to handle COVID-related quarantine procedures on Visit Japan Web. After registering for an account at Visit Japan Web, you could upload your vaccination document to have it pre-verified before you arrive in Japan. As of 29 April 2023, this process is no longer required.

Is Visit Japan Web required to enter Japan?

No, Visit Japan Web is NOT a requirement to enter Japan. You could just rock up to Japan without completing Visit Japan Web.

However, you’ll have to do the same things you do on Visit Japan Web when you check in for your flight. Then when you land at the airport in Japan, you’ll need to fill in the immigration card physically on paper if you have not done Visit Japan Web.

The information you need to fill in on the physical card is the same one that you would have provided on Visit Japan Web. So might as well prepare it before you arrive. It’s free and fast. And as a bonus, if everyone uses Visit Japan Web, it will make immigration faster for everyone.

Visit Japan Web procedure step-by-step

The process of completing Visit Japan Web thankfully can be done online. To prevent any confusion, I’ll cover exactly how you can utilize Visit Japan Web to make your arrival in Japan easier:

Step 1: Register for a Visit Japan Web account

If you don’t have a Visit Japan Web account yet, you can register for an account here.

Account registration is free and very straightforward. Just create an account with your email address and a password. You’ll need to verify your email but that’s easy enough to do – they’ll send you a 6-digit code via SMS (text message) to your phone that you need to input on the Visit Japan Web before you can proceed to step 2.

💡 Save your Visit Japan Web account credential! You can use the same account again for your future travels to Japan, so make sure to save your Visit Japan Web credential.

From my understanding, every adult needs an account for themselves, but kids under 18 can be added on to their parent/guardian. With that said, I have heard of instances where people added their spouse/parents to their account and were able to go through immigration just fine. I’ll go over how to add other people to your account in Step 2.

Step 2: Register details of visitors who will be visiting Japan

Once you have your account set up, proceed to log in with the password you’ve set in Step 1 before.

Then, provide your details by clicking on the button that says “Your details” and start filling in the form. Again it’s quite straight forward so I won’t go into too much detail here.

The only thing I would say is, please make sure your passport number is correct and that it matches the passport you’d be using to enter Japan!

If you’re traveling with children under 18: Once you’ve registered yourself, you can also register your kids to your account. I’ve written in detail about registering children to Visit Japan Web below.

Step 3: Register for a trip to Japan on the Visit Japan Web

Next, you’ll need to register your trip to Japan by clicking on “+ New registration“.

You can do this for each trip you’ll be taking to Japan if you’re planning to go more than once. Make sure you give a unique name for each trip so that you can manage multiple plans if you need to.

Again, if you’re traveling with children and have provided their details in the “Details of family members traveling with you” section, you can indicate that the child will be traveling with you on this trip. The child’s name will come up as a dropdown that you can toggle later on. I’ve written in detail about registering children to Visit Japan Web below.

(Optional) Adding your child to your Visit Japan Web Account

If you’re traveling with children, you can add them to your Visit Japan Web account as long as they are under 18! If you do this, they’ll be able to skip quarantine even if they are not fully vaccinated, as long you (the parent) are fully vaccinated.

Here is how:

1. Add your child’s details to your Visit Japan Web account

Once you’ve registered yourself on Visit Japan Web, you can register kids who are under 18 in your account by clicking on “Details of family members traveling with you“. You’ll need to provide their passport number and personal details, similar to what you’ve done for yourself when you provided your details.

2. Include your child as a family member traveling with you

Once you’ve provided their details, you’ll be able to select your child’s name when you’re registering a trip plan. Make sure they are selected under “family members traveling with you”, and make sure they show up on the confirmation page when you register the trip plan.

If you forgot to include them when creating your trip, you don’t have to start over. You can just edit the existing trip plan and make sure the blue box next to their name is checked!

Now the big question: Can you also add other family members who are not your child to your Visit Japan Web?

From my understanding, every adult needs an account for themselves. However, I have heard many instances where people signed up their spouse or parents with their account under “Details of family members traveling with you” and were able to go through just fine. However, please bear in mind that each adult will still need to provide their vaccination certificate and obtain the blue screen.

If you do this, just ensure each adult has a screenshot of their QR code upon landing.

Step 4: Immigration Clearance

If you are a resident of Japan, you do not need to complete this step.

But as a visitor, the next thing you can do is complete your immigration clearance by filling out the disembarkation card. This is the exact same procedure for entering Japan as it has always been, even before COVID, except it’s no longer done by writing down your info manually on paper.

You could still do this when you land via the paper way, but it literally took me seconds to do it online and I don’t see why you shouldn’t just do it now.

When you’re done, you’ll be provided with a QR code that will be scanned when you are in the immigration queue, so I recommend screenshotting this QR code for immigration later. You’ll still receive your passport stamp as usual at immigration.

Step 5: Customs Declaration

Similar to the disembarkation card, you can also do your customs declaration online so you can just breeze through when you’ve landed. Again, this is the same procedure as it has always been for entering Japan, just digitized now!

When you’re done, you’ll be provided with a QR code you can use when you arrive at the airport. Again, screenshot this QR code!

After clearing immigration, you’ll see a machine at the baggage carousel area to register your passport and QR code for customs declaration. The machine will also scan your face. Go ahead and do this, and then you can simply walk out of the airport using the facial scanner machine at the exit.

(Optional) Travel insurance and emergency contact

If you have travel insurance, you can also provide the information here, as well as your emergency contact in case something happens to you while you are in Japan. But this step is completely optional.

(Optional) Tax-Free QR

Japan allows tax-free shopping for purchases above 5,000 yen on a single receipt at participating stores. Normally, you’ll need to show your passport upon purchase. If you obtain the Tax-free QR from Visit Japan Web, then you don’t need to show your passport. However, it is still recommended to carry your passport or an ID with you.

And that’s all!

Frequently Asked Questions about Visit Japan Web

Still have questions about entering Japan? Here are a few questions I get asked a lot:

1. When should I complete the disembarkation card on Visit Japan Web?

You can start the process as early as you want, as long as you complete it no later than 6 hours before you arrive in Japan. I’ve done mine 3 weeks before my arrival, as well as 12 hours before arrival for an emergency visit, and both times things went according to plan. No drama!

2. Can I travel to Japan if I have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 or if I am not considered fully vaccinated?

Yes, you can enter Japan! There are no more requirements for COVID-19 vaccinations to enter Japan.

3. Can I travel to Japan with kids who have not been vaccinated against COVID?

Yes, you can! There are no more requirements for COVID-19 vaccinations to enter Japan.

4. What should I do if I’m only going to be in Japan for a layover?

Many people have asked me about what to do if you’re only in Japan for a layover and don’t have a hotel booked because you won’t be staying overnight, and thus won’t have an address to fill out with.

While I must preface this by saying I am not sure since I haven’t experienced this myself, based on the accounts of other people on Reddit, it seems that you should be able to use Visit Japan Web to fast-track even if you’re only there for a layover. Simply use the address and phone number of the airport you’re going to be flying out from.

What else should I do or prepare before my travel to Japan?

Visiting Japan is no doubt one of the most exciting travel experiences. Here are a few more tips to make your travel smoother!

  • Buy a SIM card/Wi-Fi pocket and pick it up right when you land at the airport in Japan
  • If you like my writing style, you can check out all my posts related to Japan to prepare for your visit to Japan.

And that’s all about fast-tracking your arrival in Japan! Let me know in the comment below if there is anything more you need to know 🙂

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  1. CK Yap says

    Everyone talks about the procedures for entering into Japan. What about the process when we leave Japan? Do we need to update the information online as well or do we just go through the normal process at the counter? Thanks

      • CK Yap says

        Hi Melissa,

        I am just wondering what is the immigration process when a tourist leave Japan. If I remembered correctly, we used to complete the disembarkation card and then line up to have our passport stamped. With the digitilization of the entry process, has the exit process change?

        • Melissa says

          You still need to get your passport stamped again on the way out but there’s no more disembarkation card

  2. Carol says

    Do I need to register for the Tax Free QR code if I want to have tax-free shopping? It seems impossible to take a picture of my passport that the website will accept when in comes to this QR code, but if I select the option in which I say I don’t need the tax free code, everything goes smoothly. Can’t I just present my passport at stores or when retrieving the JR Pass?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Carol, you don’t have to. I didnt and just showed my passport and it still worked.

  3. Andrew says

    I just registered my 17 years old son to my upcoming trip as himself and not adding him to my account. Do you think it’s okay or he needs to be under mine since he’s under 18?

      • Andrew says

        Thanks Melissa for the response. He has his own QR code.
        Do I just need to fill out one e-custom form for three of us or each one of us has to do it since we have to show the QR code?

        • Melissa says

          Hey Andrew, I think you can do for each. On arrival, there is a machine that scans the custom QR before you can exit the airport.

          • Andrew says

            Thanks Melissa for the update. I will get the QR code for each one of us and try to scan just one as a family at the scanner and see what happens. I appreciate your responses.

  4. Thank you for your post! I was looking on how early or how late I can fill-up the embarkation form and information was provided.

    • Andrew says

      It said on the Japan website that you can do it up to 6hrs prior to your departure. I saw some people posted that they did it as far as 2 months before their departure and they had no issue.

  5. Hello!

    Just want to say “Thank you” for this post, it is very helpful article.

  6. Hello,

    For the “Intended address in Japan” under the Register planned entry/return section, if I am staying in multiple hotels, do I just fill the first hotel in? Thank you.

  7. Hi there! I’ll depart from Indonesia to Hongkong then Hongkong to Japan, I am wondering for the flight number which one I should write? Is it the Hongkong to Japan flight? Thankss

  8. Malcolm says

    I’m in the process of doing the Visit Japan registration.
    We are doing a 10 day Bike Tour of Kyushu. We are travelling to different places each day.
    The site asks for Accommodation details of where we are staying. Do i just put in the first address of the Hotel?

  9. Amy Dokic says

    Hi Melissa,

    My husband has completed his own registration on the VJW and came across the question ‘how many family members are you travelling with’ giving the option of ‘over 20 years old’. Should he select 1 as he’s travelling with me (I’ll be doing my own VJW) to have my own account/QR code but wasn’t sure if that option was for adding someone to your account or simply saying how many people you are travelling with! Hope that makes sense?!

    We’re coming on our honeymoon so want to make sure we’re doing it right!

    Thanks so much!

    • Melissa says

      Hey Amy, there have been people saying they were able to add their spouse to their VJW account. You will each get assigned QR code. Just make sure you have your QR for each of you ready at immigration.

  10. Andrew says

    Hi Melissa! If I do VJW, does that cause any issues with getting the “temporary visitor” sticker needed for activating my JR Pass? I was in Japan in 2018 and remember needing that sticker to show eligibility for the JR Pass. If you use VJW, you still have to see an immigration officer at NRT, correct? Thanks!!

    • Melissa says

      yup, no change to the previous immigration process, except you no longer need to fill out the arrival card in the airport

      • Andrew says

        Thanks so much! I’ll be there with my wife next April. We land at NRT at ~4pm local time, so praying that the immigration line isn’t terrible. I’ve heard it is not as bad now since they eliminated all of the Covid-related procedures … how much time do you think doing VJW saves you for the whole immigration/customs process?

  11. Hi Melissa,
    I would like to know if I need to submit VJW only once or thrice for my trip?
    I already have an existing account. Every new entry, I’ll have to use this account and new Trip name?

    Sin – Osaka (5days)
    Osaka – Hokkaido (5days) Domestic Flight
    Hokkaido – Osaka ( 2 days) Domestic Flight

    Thank you for your kind help.


    • Melissa says

      Hey Lav, you only need to submit VJW once every time you enter Japan from another country (international flight). You don’t need to do it for your domestic trips. Judging from your itinerary, you only need to do it once for your Sin – Tokyo flight.

  12. Hi,
    I’ll be flying from Istanbul to Tokyo with Korean Airlines and I have a layover at Incheon Airport, Seoul. For the “Last Flight Number” in the immigration clearance part, I wrote the flight number from Incheon to Narita. Is this correct?

    And in the customs declaration part should I add “Incheon” as my point of embarkation or “Istanbul”? I will not be going through customs at Incheon airport because I will be staying in the transfer zone as a transfer passenger. But I will be taking the 2nd flight from Incheon airport which will be the last flight. Since I wrote flight number of the flight from Korea to Japan, is it better to choose Incheon? I’m sorry for the long question, I’m really confused.

    • Melissa says

      1. I would write the flight from incheon to narita as well
      2. for customs, i would still put istanbul

  13. Ahmad says

    Hi there, the website asks to put the main flight number in case of codeshare flights. Is this the flight number i booked through or the operating flight?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Ahmad, I would put the flight number of the operating flight.

  14. Jeffrey Tan Xian Jun says

    Is it a must to fill in Visit Japan Web to enter the country? When should I fill in and any suggestions on that? tq

    • Melissa says

      Hey Jeffrey – it’s not a must, but it will make it easier when you land since all they have to do is scan your QR at the immigration

      • Jeffrey Tan Xian Jun says

        That means once i landed in any airports in Japan, I could cut the queue without waiting ?

      • Jeffrey Tan Xian Jun says

        U mention that you’ll have to do the same things you do on Visit Japan Web when you check in for your flight. I have no idea regarding filling any documents while checking in for the flight. Could you pls explain more for this? thanks and appreciate it

        • Melissa says

          Hey jeffrey, if you didnt do VJW, you’ll have to:
          1. Fill in an arrival card at immigration point
          2. Join the queue
          3. When you get to front of queue, Immigration officer will need to check your details and process your entry, then she/he will give you the immigration sticker and let you in

          with VJW:
          1. You still have to join the queue
          2. When you get to front of queue, immigration officer will just scan your QR, then she/he will give you the immigration sticker and let you in

          So it cuts down the time you spend getting in to Japan. And if everyone does VJW, it cuts down overall time spent in queue as its faster for the officer to process everyone’s entry.

          Hope that explains.

  15. Jeffrey Tan Xian Jun says

    Hi, I would like to ask whether Malaysians are required to fill in visit japan web? Since Japan authority no longer needs vaccination approval?

  16. Samir Gennaoui says

    As is described, upon entering your details on the VJW, it is advised that the passenger gets a QR code. Excuse my ignorance, what do I do with this QR code ? Do I print the page showing the QR code and take it with me to show the Japanese Officers ?
    Please assist. Thanks.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Samir, you don’t need to do anything. Immigration officer will scan it when you go through immigration in Japan. I would screenshot it to make sure you have it when you get to Japan.

      • Samir Gennaoui says

        Hi Melissa,
        In your reply, you say immigration officer will scan the QR code. Scan it ” from where” ??
        Thanks in advance.

      • Rendy Tonny says

        Hi ,
        I will have connecting domestic flight.
        The Flight Number is from Indonesia to Haneda?
        Hotel address will be at Hiroshima ,is it ok?When I arrived at Hiroshima I need to fill up new Japan visit Web again or only show only the one that I will show at Haneda?

        • Melissa says

          Yes, Indonesia to Haneda only. and yes, an address at Hiroshima will be enough. You only need to do VJW once to enter Japan. They wont ask you in Hiroshima since that is a domestic flight.

    • Melissa says

      Hi Santi. Visit Japan Web is not visa. You are still required to obtain visa from the Japan embassy in your country. Once you get the visa, you could input the visa information to your VJW account to make immigration easier

  17. LEE JEFFERS says


  18. Sam says

    Hi, just working through the japan web stuff. It asks for flight but only numbers if the prefix for my flight is D7, do I include the 7 or just the other 3 numbers? Don’t want to stuff it up. Thanks

    • Melissa says

      Hey Sam, I believe D7 is the airline carrier code. If I were you I would just include the other 3 digit after selecting the airline carrier from the dropdown

  19. Lori T Lee says

    Hi, I have a question – do each traveller need to complete this form to enter Japan. My husband registered and added me to his entry form. Thank you!

    • Melissa says

      Lori, technically each traveller should complete their own, but I have heard it’s ok to include family members on your account. At immigration, they only care to scan your QR code

  20. Helen says

    On the first page you are given the option to register for a QR code to help reclaim VAT taxes. This requires you take a picture of your passport. For the life of me no matter what device or lighting I used the website kept saying my picture was too dark. It seemed just fine to my eye but maybe with a US passport’s underlying patterns It is impossible for the machine to read it. In any event I was despairing finding a solution but then checked the “no” box for the VAT (not sure that’s the actual name of it in Japan). When I did that it took me on into the website where I could manually input my info as clearly spelled out in the article. Previous to that I couldn’t get by the first screen and there was no indication that the passport photo requirement was only for the VAT QR code. Whew! Thanks so much for all the useful info!

  21. Geoff Merrick says

    I am going to hire a car with Toyota and I saw their conditions are that I must have the immigation arrival stamp in my passport in order to to hire….Could you clarify that with the Visiot Japan Web QR codes I will still pass through the normal immigatation and get the stamp… thanks Geoff

  22. Colette Pellerin says

    Hi Melissa,
    This is very informative! I have a question, we are travelling from Canada, landing in Tokyo, 2h20 lay over, next flight to Osaka, then board a cruise ship. My question is, do we clear customs and immigration at our first stop Tokyo, or in Osaka? We have 4 hours to get to ship. I googled the distance between airport and port, it is 30 mins away, from what I read. I’m wondering if we clear customs at our first stop. This would make it easier Osaka. Thanks so much for your help.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Collette, I think you will go through customs in Tokyo since the Osaka leg is a domestic leg. Was it booked under one booking? Maybe asking your airline would be the best bet

  23. Adrian Hobbs says

    Thank you for the advice. However, I have a problem using JAPAN WEB.
    I created an account on my personal computer and all worked OK, but when I tried logging on using my mobile phone I can’t – message says loginID or password are incorrect. So using my phone I go through the “change my password” process but type in the exact same password as on my PC. This is accepted and I can now logon, but not from my PC getting the exact same error message. So I change the password again on my PC to the exact same password again – this is accepted and I can logon again from my PC, but not with my phone.
    The issue seems to be the different keyboards for my personal computer and the mobile phone generating different code for the required special characters in the password.

  24. rahul singh negi says

    Great post, very informative!
    Thanks for sharing this helpful info.

  25. Bobby says

    I completed the procedure on Japan web prior to change of rules and received QR codes for immigration and customs.
    Do I need to go back and update as there is an additional bit about tax free shopping. I don’t particularly wish to avail of this facility.


    • Melissa says

      you don’t need to do it if you’re not going to do tax free shopping in Japan

  26. Will says

    I followed your advice to fill out Visit Japan Web. It was very helpful, thank you.

  27. Cae says

    Hi Melissa,

    I’ve just visited the Japan Wen and found something that you may be interested and may want to update your readers.
    [Quote] Anyone entering Japan on or after April 29, 2023 is no longer required to show a valid vaccination certificate or a test certificate obtained before departure. With the above change, the “Quarantine procedure (Fast Track)” icon was removed on April 29 at 00:00 JST. [/Quote]

    Two question.
    1. Visit Japan Web – Can I complete all the process for the Vist Japan Web in advance before flying to Japan or are there certain parts where I have to complete only when reaching immigration
    1) registration of Japan Web account
    2) immigration information (ie, disembarkation card information),
    3) customs information (ie, customs declaration)

    2. Collection of JR Pass – Understand that only those who have passports bearing the Immigration stamp or sticker can exchange and use a JR Pass. Does that mean that we cannot use the Immigration E-gates?

    • Melissa says

      Thanks Cae, I have updated my post to let people know vaccination is no longer required

      1. You can complete all before arrival
      2. Yes, this is correct. though I was not aware tourist (who qualify for JR pass) can Use E-gates?

      • Cae says

        Hi Melissa, thanks for the reply.

        1. Just to clarify, can i complete the entire Visit Japan Web (including customs info) a week in advance?
        2. How do i check if i can use the e-gates.

        • Melissa says

          1. Yes you can, as long as you know your flight info. I think one of them asks for seat number if I remember correctly but I cannot remember if it was because of COVID. You can try and let me know!
          2. I found this re: JR pass
          “When you use an automated gate at the airport, no stamp/sticker will be stamped or put on your passport. Therefore, you need to either use a manned automated gate or ask a clerk to apply a stamp/sticker in your passport.
          However, a customer who has a “registered user card” under the Trusted Traveler Program will be required to show the card to confirm the “Temporary Visitor” status.” (Source)

  28. Nigel says

    I believe Japan has now lifted any Covid vaccine requirements for entry. Effective May 8, 2023, you will no longer need to show Covid vaccination proof.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Nigel! Yep, you are right – just saw the news. VJW will still have the immigration and custom QR though, which will help expedite processes on arrival.

  29. Fpy says

    How about including elderies (patents) in the same Visit Japan Web account? Does it work? Or still need to register separately?

    The reason being they are not tech savvy like us. So m thinking to include them in the same registered account.

    • Melissa says

      Yes you can include them. But be prepared to flash their blue box on arrival!

  30. Winona yasintafitri says

    Hai, saya mau tanya , saya dan suami sudah mendapatkan barcode dan halaman biru untuk bagian sertifikat vaksin, namun anak saya yg berusia 1tahun masih berwarna merah , pdhal sudah saya kaitkan dalam anggota keluarga saya , apa yg harus saya lakukan ? terimakasih

    • Melissa says

      Hey Winona, buat anak yg berwarna merah tidak apa2, asal orang tuanya punya box biru.

  31. Kira says

    Hello! Does a Booster count as a third vaccination? Thank you for your helpful information 🙂

  32. Irene says

    Thank you for the very helpful write up.

    I will be visiting Japan with my hubby. Wonder if I could just create one VJW account and input both our details (instead of having to create separate accounts). Would it work?

    • Melissa says

      i have heard people do this and it works for them as long as you both receive the blue box on your respective profile

  33. Cindy Ivy Leyco says


    I will submit my vaccination certificates but it shows:
    Registration procedures: Time remaining to complete registration: 00 hours 00 minutes

    And I can’t click the Register vaccination certificate button.

    Anything I can do?

    Thank you!

    • Melissa says

      Hey it seems that you have exceeded the time given to complete the VJW process. Can you double check the arrival time you’ve provided? It should have expired 6 hours before your arrival. You can create another trip and redo the process.

      • Mich says

        Hi Melissa,

        A bit confused here. Does that mean the whole registration thing have to be done on the flight as it will expire 6 hours before arrival?

        Or is there a portion that I can do before flight take off and a portion that I need to do after touchdown.

        Thanks in advance for the clarification.

        • Melissa says

          Hey Mich,
          You can complete all before arrival. Btw, vaccination is no longer required to enter Japan

          • mich says

            Hi Melissa,

            Any idea if I were to travel to Tokyo, stay for a few days, then fly to Sapporo, then fly back home.

            I just registered with the Visit Japan Web and updated a trip on Tokyo.
            Do i need to do another for Sapporo, so that I have a QR for “Immigration” and Customs again?
            And another for exiting Japan to fly back home?

          • Melissa says

            Hey Mich, you only need to do it once when you enter Tokyo.

  34. Naundi says

    Hey, trying to register my trip and when I click it it asks for my VISA application info, but I don’t need one since I’m from the USA (just an overnight layover in Tokyo) heading back to LA from the Philippines. Not sure what to do as I don’t see any FAST TRACK info options at this point or anywhere else. Any ideas on what to do?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Naundi, by visa, I assume you mean the “link VISA” option inside the trip detail on the VJW website? the visa part is a new step and it’s optional. If you won’t need a visa to Japan, then just skip that part and do the rest of the steps. right below it is the “Quarantine procedures (Fast track)” button that you’ll need to complete as detailed on the article above.

  35. Ronald says

    Received attachment file vaccination healthcert.oa from Notarise email, is this the file to upload to Visit Japan Web?

  36. Ronald says

    I received my vaccination certificate on email from notarise but unable to save it as psf file, click on the printer icon nothing show up and I wonder is it because i read it on handphone not pc. Pls help. Thanks.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Ronald, you can try uploading screenshots if you cant save it as PDF

  37. Joanna says

    Thank you for sharing, I followed your steps and all gaps were so easy to fill up. One note: now it is possible to attaché 2 or more photos of vaccination certificate.
    Waiting for approval of vaccinate because I have only first dose Janssen and Pfizer booster.
    Wish me luck, All the best to you!

  38. Evelyn says

    Hi Melissa, what do i have to do?, I have a vaccination certificate and i cant load it, it turned yellow and says ” review completed”. I must have pushed wrong button while doing the process. Please help. Thanks

    • Melissa says

      Hmm you can create a new trip and try submitting the vaccine certificate again? make sure you are meeting Japan’s requirement for vaccination

  39. Stan Blits says

    I filled everything out and was accepted on the Visit Japan site, but I never got a QR code. Where is it? It didn’t appear when I did it on my computer, and didn’t appear when I did it on my phone.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Stan, I need more info. Did you follow the steps I outlined above? there is no longer a QR code for the trip. You just need the blue box in the trip detail. For immigration and customs, the QR is inside the trip detail page.

      • Carolina says

        Same happend me , so is it a separate line for those who got the QR code ? O how is this going to work with out QR code ,
        How can I see the QR code ? Inside my trip details .

        • Melissa says

          Hey Carolina, Starting 29 April, you no longer need to provide covid vaccination. You only need Visit Japan Web to do immigration and custom procedures. To get QR code for those, you just need to click on the “display QR code” button inside the trip detail (scroll down to see it)

  40. Zac says

    if I will travel from Milan to Tokyo with a landing on Abu Dhabi (and wait 4 hours there), should I insert MILAN as Point of embarkation in custom declaration?

    Furthermore I always used the Flight No./Name of Vessel of Abu Dhabi – Tokyo flight.

    Hope I did the right thing 🙂

    Thank you for your guide,
    it is amazing!


    • Zac says

      I am sorry if I do another question, but what is an Unaccompanied article?
      I don’t understand if I should include my luggage!

      Thank you in advance,

      • Melissa says

        Hey Zac, it usually means the luggage you check in vs the one you’re bringing on board

        • Mary says

          Unaccompanied is not your check-in luggage, but other luggage you have sent separately to retrieve on your arrival. That’s my understanding, anyway.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Zac. Yes i would do as you have stated – Milan as point of embarkation and the Abu Dhabi flight for the flight number

  41. Bruno Coitinho says

    Hello Melissa,

    The last two legs of my flight have Japanese cities as destination: the first one to Tokyo and the next to Osaka (from Tokyo). For the purposes of VisitJapan, which one should I choose: the one that lands in tokyo (being the first to land in Japan), or the last flight which is actually from Tokyo to Osaka?

    Thank you.

    • Melissa says

      i’m guessing you have to go through immigration in Tokyo then go to the local terminal to take your Osaka flight? If so I would put the Tokyo one. If you go through immigration in Osaka, then I will put Osaka one.

  42. Hi there thank you for the amazing information. Question for you. Is there a time limit on the booster? Meaning as long as it’s done before you leave it’s considered valid?

    Also. If I choose to test instead. Do I just do everything I can and wait until I arrive in Japan or do I submit my test once I have results?

    • Melissa says

      Hey TJ I think there is no time limit. I don’t see this requirement on the website. To be safe it should be done 14 days before your arrival in Japan though.

      If you decide to test, submit it as soon as you have the result to VJW. But the test must be done within 72 hours of your arrival to Japan, not any time earlier.

  43. Violetta Rose Valletta says

    Hi there I need some help. After modifying some passport details I have been advised that the QR codes need to be updated as they do not update automatically. Could you please advise on this matter?
    Unfortunately nobody is answering my query on the Visit Japan chat.


    • Melissa says

      Hey Violetta, where did you hear that you need to update the QR?

      • Violetta Rose Valletta says

        Hello Melissa:)

        Thank you for getting back.

        A disclaimer appears right after the passport information changes are made. It says the following:

        “Editing passport details will cancel your pre-registered quarantine Fast Track and will require details registered again. The created QR code is not automatically updated so update the QR code after checking the details registered”.

        After that no further instructions are shown. I did refill the quarantine Fast Track details again, and also received an approval. However I’m afraid the QR codes might not work.

        I also tried asking through the chat but had no answer.

        Do you think I should erase my application and re-apply?

        • Melissa says

          When you refill the fast track, did you do it through a separate trip? if so, it should be fine since the QR code would have been generated via the new passport detail

  44. May says

    Thanks you for the detailed info. It’s been so helpful especially the updates. My query is – I have registered the whole family under one account so 2 adults and under 18 kids. I -as the primary account holder- have filled out one disembarkation card for foreigner and declaration of personal effects. Do I need to fill it out for the other adult and kids too? Thanks you.

    • Melissa says

      Hey May, yes you have to fill out the card for each adult and kids too. You can do it via Visit Japan Web – you just need to select your kids names from the dropdown, which will allow you to access their disembarkation card too.

  45. Kaylah says


    I am currently filling in my fast track but what do I do if we are staying in multiple addresses in the one trip? Do I then need to add in each place we are staying in the trip?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Melissa says

      You can just fill in the first address that you’ll be staying in

  46. Ellyanne says

    This step by step is brilliant, thanks Melissa. It’s our first trip to Japan from Australia (April 2023). I registered all 4 of us using my iphone only (husband, 18, 16 yr olds) and have received blue boxes for all. All happened within a few hours. Very grateful to peruse this website and confirm I was doing it right. Easy once you get the swing of it, I anticipate our arrival will be much less stressful with all this sorted.

    • Melissa says

      Hi Ellyanne, Thanks for the comment! I hope you’ll have a lot of fun in Japan, April is a great time to visit. Make sure everyone has their QR code screenshot on their mobile devices so that it will be easy to show! Once you have the Blue box, you should not be waiting in line at all and should proceed to immigration. There might be a line at immigration though.

  47. David Stanton says

    Thank you for the information on this page, it was very useful.
    I uploaded my Vaccination Certificate and the review was completed in 8 minutes! I was impressed.

  48. EMIL M says

    Hi Melissa,

    I hope you can answer my question.
    I am travelling with my 2 boys -age 8 and 4.
    They do not satisfy the 3 vaccine COVID requirement so I put “will not submit” in the Fast Track section.
    I understand children under 18 have exemption as long as the accompanying parent/adult meets the covid requirements.
    Question is do I also put “No” under “Do you wish to do prior registration of a test result certificate taken less than 72 hours before departure” OR do I leave this bit unanswered- which means it will remain “Yellow” with the wording “Please register”.?

    • Melissa says

      You can put No or leave it blank, it will remain yellow eitherway. They will be ok as long as you have the blue box!

  49. David Stanton says

    Hi Melissa

    On the vaccination certificate submission page, it wants a list of vaccine names and manufacturers, and then asks for the date of “third” vaccine. I have received 4 doses altogether as I have had a booster dose in February this year. Wondering if I should put the date of the latest 4th vaccine as the “third” one they are asking for.

    • Melissa says

      Hey David. You can just put the date of the third one. It doesn’t matter when, they just want you to have at least 3 doses.

  50. Eve says

    Hi Melissa, how did you do the customs part one for the family?
    My mom, brothers and I will each have our own accounts on VJW, is there a category/part that we can list all our names for customs?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Eve, when doing the customs part, one of you just need to declare that you’re traveling with 2 other adult family member. Then you can all use the same QR code for customs.

  51. Jeanie says

    I followed your steps to the letter and even completed the disembarkation and custom declaration portions. However when I clicked on quarantine procedures (fast track), I get this big blank space with a grey line going in circles. I have left it running for hours, even overnight and nothing happened. I have tried returning to the previous page and starting again and yet I am stuck at that blank page. I cannot get to the page to upload my vaccination certificate. Did I miss a step somewhere? I need to complete this quickly within the next few days. I would hate to have to join the long queues to do it manually at Narita. Help!

  52. Nica says

    Hi Melissa! This is probably a very simple question, but wanted to confirm. When you filled out the Disembarkation card for foreigner, on the section for Immigration information to Japan– asking about “Last flight number”, is that referring to just my flight number? the word “last” is what confuses me. Thanks!

    • Melissa says

      Hey Nica, they just mean the flight number you take to get to Japan. It’s possible some people take multiple flights to get to Japan and they just want to make sure you provide the flight number of the last leg

  53. Sally Arnold says

    Hi,we are flying to Tokyo and starting a cruise straight away. What go we enter as our address in Japan – the ship or the port?



  54. jean says

    Hi. Just want to ask do I need to do declaration of personal effects and unaccompanied articles for my child?. in the no of family member page its not allowing me to modify and because of that it says there 1 adult and 1 child travelling with my child. it should be 2 adults.

    • Lesley says

      I can’t see how to make a comment so I thought I’d get my question in by doing this! The visit japan web just won’t accept my password no matter what I try and there is no answer that I can find to help me. All suggestions as to how to resolve this welcomed.

      • Melissa says

        Do you mean when you’re creating an account or are you trying to log in to an account you’ve previously created?

      • Jean says

        Hi. Yes melissa the customs declaration. is it optional for children?

        • Melissa says

          For customs I have always just filled out one for the family, and my husband and toddler just goes with me

  55. Monica Cheng says

    Hi Melissa, thank you for your very clear guidance on the VJW. I have a bit of a problem. The name on my vaccination certificate is different from that on my passport. That is because my vaccinations were done in Hong Kong using my HK ID Card which bears my maiden name. My passport which was issued in Canada is in my married name. Recently, I made a sworn declaration before a government official in Hong Kong that both names refer to the same person. Should I upload that declaration along with my vaccination certificate? I’m sure there are others who are in a similar situation and wonder how they overcome this problem. Thank you.

      • Monica says

        Thank you Melissa. I just stumbled upon this in the Fast Track FAQ of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

        Q. What should I do if my family name changes due to marriage, etc., so the name on the vaccination certificate does not match the name on my passport?
        A. On the vaccination certificate, please use a pen or pencil to clearly write your name as indicated in your passport. Please upload an image of the certificate that clearly shows the full name you have written.
        Please note that your document might not be accepted if the names in the vaccination certificate and passport differ significantly (for example, neither your first nor family name actually matches between the two documents).

        This might be the solution to my problem. I’m sending you this for the information of others who are in a similar situation.


        • Melissa says

          hey Monica. Thanks for this info! It does indeed sound like it would solve the issue. let us know if you’re able to get through with this.

          • Monica says

            Guess what? I uploaded my vax certificate “as is” without putting my passport name on it and they accepted it. I suppose it’s because my first and middle names are exactly the same. Thanks for bearing with me!


  56. Ana says

    Hello! We took our PCR in the morning but our departure is 3:45 pm. When it says 72 hours, is that specific that we need to take it in the afternoon instead. I registered it and got completed. It gave me a blue color. That does mean I don’t need to take the PCR again? I was thinking to take it again. Please advise! Thank you so much 🙏

    • Melissa says

      hey ana. if it’s more than 72 hours i would take it again. the airline might check when you are checking in for your flight.

  57. Anna Moore says

    it was fabulous help thank you for registering.on Japan web.How do I use my registration when I arrive at the airport in Tokyo?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Anna, if you have followed all the steps above, then all you need to do is show the Blue box when you land in Tokyo. Then if you complete the steps for immigration and customs, then you just need to show the QR codes for those.

  58. Jen says

    Hello, thank you for this information. But would just like to check, I already had 3 covid-19 vaccines but may last vaccine was January 2022 and I will be travelling this June 2023. Do I still need to provide negative RT-PCR test when entering Japan? Thank you very much.

    • Melissa says

      Hi Jen, as long as you provide the 3 vaccine certificates and get the blue box as I outlined in the blog post, you won’t need to provide negative RT-PCR.

  59. Jennifer says

    Hi I have just received Email to say ‘we have re received and accepted image ‘ for our quarantine but I had logged out of system and I don’t know how to get back in for taking a screenshot
    It seems to come up that you have to register

  60. Ana says

    What if I don’t have a vax certificate? I only have vaccination cards. My country is inefficient and my shots cannot be found in their system.

  61. Mayi Lopa says

    Hi. Thanks for sharing this. I will be filling this up later. So from what I read above, there will no more QR code for the quarantine portion of the procedure but we can still do Fast Track. Am I right?

    • Melissa says

      yes! you just need to submit your certificate or covid test and wait for the box to turn blue and you’re good

      • Hi I will be picking a JR pass which will need a stamp on my passport. Using the fast track system for everything including immigration and customs will I miss getting my passport stamped since everything is automated with the QR code or will there be an immigration officer that stamps the passport after checking your QR codes. Thanks!

  62. Keenan says

    Today 06-march-2023 I checked this site (https://vjw-lp.digital.go.jp/en/) but it doesn’t have an option to upload certificates anymore.

    No longer required to register your passport and answer the questions on the web for the Quarantine process (Fast Track) from Dec. 28, 2022. Due to these updates, QR code for Quarantine will not be shown any longer.
    The “Fast Track” service for quarantine procedure has been available in Visit Japan Web from November 1st, 2022.”

  63. Phuong Ngo says

    Thank you so much for this detailed page explaining EVERYTHING. This was extremely helpful. My trip to Japan is in about 2 weeks (arrival on March 17). I started doing the “Quarantine Fast Track” yesterday. Submitted around 2pm USA Eastern Time. Later in the evening, around 8pm, my info was accepted. Living in the US, I have had the first 2 Pfizer shots, the first booster shot, then the second booster shot last September. I have 2 CDC cards, front and back. This gave me 4 jpeg files to upload. I used Adobe to combined the 4 jpeg into 1 pdf file, compressed it, then submitted it. It seems that you can only upload 1 file on Visit Japan Web. I was incredibly stressed about this part. Hope this helps my fellow USA residents. The rest (Disembarkation Card and Declaration) was super straightforward. Happy travels everyone!

    • Melissa says

      Hi Phuong, thank you for this update and thanks for the tip about combining everything into one PDF!

      • Nik says

        Hi Melissa.
        Thanks so much for your detailed page.
        I am heading to Japan on coming April 20th.
        Can I just register for the Immigration Clearance & Custom Clearance weeks ahead together with the Quarantine Fast Track?
        Or they can only be registered on my fly day ?
        Thank you.

    • Vicki Morris says

      Hi! I am going to Japan on March 14th. My vaccines certificate has a front and back. When I went to upload them there were two places where I could upload vaccine certificates, so I uploaded the front card and the back card. Now my screen has been ” thinking ” for over 10 minutes. You know the little circle that keeps spinning. I am beginning to wonder if that is because I uploaded two separate files. I almost put them in one file, but when there was a place for two of them I went ahead. Now I am wondering if I should close out the screen and upload a collage of the front and back in one file? What do you think? Another question, I read in a different post that children 13 and up should complete their own account. Well the parent should complete their account registration on visit Japan web. Here I see it is 18 and above. Has anyone registered their 13 year old child on visit Japan web as a family member traveling with you? Because hotels in other organizations in Japan consider 13 and above as an adult fee, I thought that might apply here as well per the other post. Hoping someone has personal experience. Thank you so much! Getting nervous about this!

      • Melissa says

        Hey Vicki, your 13 year old does not need their own account. You can add them to your account.

  64. Hanne Welsh says

    Thank you for all the details and clarifications.
    A question for traveling in Japan.
    If you travel with only two vaccines, will my friend have a problem entering temples, restaurants and going on public busses and the bullet train?
    Regards, Hanne

    • Melissa says

      Hey Hanne, once you’re inside Japan, vaccine is not checked. But to enter Japan you’ll need a negative COVID test if you only had two vaccine shots.

  65. Ira S says

    Thanks for the great info. When entering info regarding where we are staying. We are staying at multiple hotels do we just list the first one? When asked telephone contact number do we list our cell number or the hotel’s number


    • Melissa says

      yes, I was staying in multiple places too and I just list the first one. I think for contact number it’s the accommodation’s number too.

  66. Shiqah says

    Hi Melissa,

    Thank you for your post, it definitely helps me a lot! Just a quick question, I accidentally uploded my Vacinnation document under my husband’s name and is now being reviewed. There is no button to cancel or edit. How can I amend this? Thank you.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Shiqah, I think you just need to wait until the review is done. When it is rejected, you should be able to provide the correct certificate.

  67. Ian McDowall says

    Hi. When you move on to pre registration for quarantine procedures and scroll down past NOT YET REGISTERED and then past name and passport and arrival date.

    there is a message saying


    Doeas this mean that the whole thing is a waste of time??

  68. IAN MCDOWALL says

    Hi. Is it still worth doing this as it is no longer mandatory?

    • Melissa says

      It’s really easy to do, so I think it’s still worth it. You never know the situation when you’re landing. If they have a lot of people to check, it might take awhile. PS: VJW was never mandatory after border reopened.

      • David Chavez says

        Hi Melissa,
        We are almost finished with the quarantine portion and only need to send our 72 hours certificate in. The only problem, it says we timed out. Any suggestions.

        • Melissa says

          Hey David. Did you input the correct arrival date and time to Japan? It should not have timed out. In this case all you can do is start over a new trip in VJW

        • Melissa says

          It won’t show QR code, but they will still check whether you have the blue box on top of your page. You could just show a screenshot of this though.

  69. Joanne says

    Hi Melisa, thank you for the detailed guide. But just wondering, is this step compulsory prior to entering Japan?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Joanne, no completing VJW is not compulsory. However when you check in for your flight to Japan, you still need to provide your COVID vaccine certificate or a negative COVID test result 72 hours before your flight. Upon landing, you’ll be checked for these too. Otherwise, you would need to quarantine.

  70. Candy says

    Hello Melissa,

    I plan to bring my niece which is 15 & 16 years old to Japan.
    Both of them only 2 doses mean not fully vaccine.
    Can I add them to family travelling together in VJW if they are not my children?
    As of above , can my niece exempt from the 72hrs pcr test?

    Thank you.

  71. Hi Melissa,

    thank you for explaining it so perfectly clean. I have got also a question:
    I followed all of your steps and received my blue screen for the Fast Track. We are flying on the upcoming Sunday, 26th February 2023 at 1.30 pm Germany Time. In my Web its states that the Review is only valid until the same day (26th February 2023, 3.10 pm.) but because of the time difference we will land in Japan on the 27th February at 10.30 am Japan-time.
    Will the blue screen turn into another color or and will it loose its validity once it surpasses the validation time?

    Thanks in Advance

    • Melissa says

      Hey Angi, the countdown on VJW should be tacked on to your arrival in Japan. So your departure time should not matter. So if you had specified on the trip info that you’re going to land in Japan on 27 Feb at 10:30am, then the blue screen will stay throughout. Can you double check what you’ve specified on the trip?

      • Hi Melissa,

        yes, I wrote that we due to the time difference we would land in Japan on the 27th February 2023 at 10.30 AM. The VJW has had this information since we booked in December, nothing has changed then. So it should stay blue past the expiry date, which was mentionned in my Web?
        And what color would it turn from blue in case it wouldn’t be valid anymore?

        Thanks in advance again


  72. Vincent says

    Hi Melissa,

    Thank you for this descriptive informations. I have done mine like 3weeks ago and I haven’t gotten BLUE on my quarantine part. I wonder how long does it usually take for it to turn to blue?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Vincent, what does the status say on your vaccination certificate? If any of those has been approved, it will turn blue. Approval doesn’t take long, usually only 2-3 hours after you submit the certificate.

  73. David L. says

    Hello Again Melissa,

    (1) Many thanks for your extremely prompt and helpful response – the whole process is much clearer now.

    (2) You mentioned taking a screenshot of the blue box – is there any good reason why I shouldn’t do the same for the ‘immigration’ and ‘customs’ QR stages as well? This way, I wouldn’t have to worry about internet access at all.

    Many thanks,


  74. David L. says

    Hello Melissa,

    Thank you so much for all your valuable information and inside knowledge. Your descriptions and explanations are admirably clear. I have a few rather elementary queries for you:

    (1) How do I download a ‘Visit Japan Web’ app onto my iPhone? It isn’t listed on the official Apple App Store.
    (2) Perhaps I don’t need an app at all, in which case how do I transfer the QR codes (on my desktop computer) into my iPhone?
    (3) When I arrive in Japan, will I need access to the internet in order to show my QR codes?
    (4) I don’t understand the purpose of the ‘off-line’ facility.
    (5) In a nutshell, I don’t understand the overall ‘modus operandi’ of the whole system. I cannot find any such explanation anywhere else, so I’d be very grateful for a clear exposition.

    Many thanks.

    • Melissa says

      Hey David!

      (1) It’s a web app, so just go to the URL I have above on Step 1
      (2) You open the website on arrival and show to them the Blue box
      (3) Yes you will need internet access. That’s why most people just screenshot the blue box they received
      (4) I am not sure what you mean by off line?
      (5) The point of Visit Japan Web basically, for now, is a way to get everyone checked on their COVID vaccination status or COVID test so that they can enter Japan without quarantine. That is all!

  75. Bill Schwed says

    Hello Melissa

    Thank you for this incredibly clear and complete documentation of the VJW and Fast Track. I could not figure out how to get from the registering step to the Fast Track itself. Your post saved the day. I had no clue that the “name” of the trip was a button to click to move on to the next step.

    Just to be clear, after receiving the blue screen in fast track, you are done except for the disembarkation card/immigration clearance and the customs declaration??
    Thanks for your help!

    • Melissa says

      Yes! once you’ve go the blue screen, take a screenshot of it (because you might not have internet as soon as you land) and just show that screen and you’re good to go! I do recommend doing the disembarkation card and customs declaration though. it is optional in terms of the fast track, but you’ll still have to do it when you land anyway.

      I’m really glad the post helped 🙂 I did find the Japanese app UX are often a little weird to those who are not used to how they think and operate!

    • Melissa says

      Hey Corin, sorry I just went back to this and realized you’re referring to the Disembarkation Immigration QR code. You are correct, that one is yellow. When I talk about blue screen, I’m only referring to the quarantine process.

  76. Ivy Wong says

    Hello, i had been registered my daughter (15 years old) under my account as family member, did she need to register or fill-up the quarantine procedures, immigration clearance and customs declaration by individual to get the QR code?

    I’m already registered and get the QR code for my self.

    Thank you.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Ivy, if you have added your daughter to your visit Japan Web account and declared that she will be going with you when you created the trip plan, then you can select her name from the dropdown. Upload her vaccine certificate if any. If not, just select that she will not submit certificate. Do the same for the covid test step. Her box will be yellow if you don’t submit certificate or covid test, but she will follow your quarantine status (which should be blue if you provide vaccination certificate or test negative for yourself)

  77. Michelle says

    Hi Melissa,
    Can I check for the vaccination cert to be uploaded, can I just provide the QR code or need to be the full digital certificate?
    My trip is in 4 weeks time, when the earliest I can register for fast track entry?

    • Melissa says

      You have to upload the full certificate with your name, passport number and the vaccine name. You can already do fast track starting from now

      • Michelle says

        Hi Melissa,

        Have done exactly what you have shared. All is good & gotten the blue quarantine page & 2 QR code as required.
        Thank you so much 😊

  78. Ward De Meulder says

    Hi Melissa
    How can i register if I only land and depart in Japan on same day, so without an actual address (I fly into Narita and make my way to Haneda same day to fly onwards to Thailand)? It is required in the app, do i put in the address and phone number from Haneda Airport?
    Thank you

    • Melissa says

      Hey Ward, Yes it seems some people do this and succeeded. Let me know how it goes for you!

  79. Marla says

    Hi Melissa,
    thank you very much for this blog post!
    I already submitted my vaccination information and the screen turned blue as well but I‘m a bit worried as the countdown saying „time remaining to complete registration“ didn’t stop counting down.
    Is there anything I missed doing or isn’t it related to the validity of the blue screen?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Marla, you don’t need to worry about the countdown. If the screen has turned blue, you’ll be fine. Double check that you have entered the correct date of arrival, because the countdown is tied to your arrival. If i remember correctly, it counts down to 6 hours before your plane lands.

  80. Catherine Yap says

    I am heading to Japan this coming June 2023. First of all, Your content is very helpful and detailed indeed. Kudos and it helps me with my confusion about their procedure. I am truly grateful.

    I have a question about the section under register planned for Entry/Return. I have input the entry portion but it did not state any return info in it. Please advise if is only input only 1 time as entry?
    If we are heading back to Singapore, do they still need to see the fast track?

    Thank you.

  81. If I want to enter Japan for a 12 hour layover and don’t have an accommodation could I still use Fast Track? The “Declaration of Personal Effects and Unaccompanied Articles” ask for ” Address in Japan (Accommodation) “

    • Melissa says

      Hey Andy, I’m actually not sure about this. It should be treated like any arrival card that you fill in in other countries. I have seen people’s account on reddit of putting the address as the airport’s address since they’re just transiting, so you could try that.

  82. Richard says

    Can confirm that you can add another adult to your application as family member. Did it last week and today 1Feb23 both our quarantine boxes turned blue. Got the other 2 QR codes for each of us immediately last week and took about a week for the quarantine one to be approved. Oh by the way thanks for the useful information on this page.

    • Andreas says

      Hi Richard,

      so you only needed 1 account for all your family including yourself? how did you/spouse/child show the QR to the officer since the checking done for each person? thank you

  83. Hi Melissa! Thank you for your information in this article; it helped me, but I want to ask several questions because it is the first time I have been going abroad by plane.

    If I want to go to Fukuoka from Jakarta but with one transit in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) before Japan :
    1. Is The “flight number” the first number plane before transit (plane number Jakarta-Ho Chi Minh City) or the plane after transit (Ho Chi Minh City-Japan)?
    2. In “Preparation for customs declaration,” the country point of embarkation, in my case, is Jakarta or Ho Chi Minh City?

    Thank you very much

    • Melissa says

      Hi Alya, I would do:
      1. The flight number that enters japan, aka HCM – Japan
      2. For this one, it depends whether you crossed immigration in HCM or not. If you just transited and changed plane, then I would put Jakarta. But if you went out of immigration in HCM and then back in to catch the next plane, then i would put HCM.

  84. Ezati Geoffrey says

    How do I check for my registration status to know whether it has turned blue?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Ezati, you go back to your VJW account and click on the trip name you made before.

  85. Carole Chaplin says

    Hi Melissa. I have a pdf document issued by NHS for 4 vaccinations. Do I upload the pdf or scan and upload 3 of the certificates?

    • Melissa says

      Hey Carole, you upload whichever document states the name of your vaccine and when it was taken.

      • Carole Chaplin says

        Hi again. They both do. I didn’t know whether the document(s) had to be in pdf format or a scanned pic. I haven’t started to fill in any of the forms, I am trying to collate all the documentation in the required formats before I begin. Thanks for your help.

      • Hi Melissa. Great post, bery helpful.

        Just wonderinf if you have the answer to this query that I have. I have registered my parents under my account and get the blue box for all of us. While i understand from your post and previous comments that we can screenshot this blue box to get pass the quarantine check point, what about the QR code for immigration and customs clearance? Should I screenshot the QR code as well?

        • Melissa says

          Hey Wan, if you can get wifi / data in Japan, you don’t need to screenshot. Otherwise, yes, please screenshot those QR codes as well.

  86. Martijn says

    I was wondering, how fast is the fast track produce actually? On average maybe if it’s hard to say.

    I am used to the whole immigration process (from deboarding the aeroplane until arriving in the freely accessible arrivals terminal where all the shops are) taking at least 1.5 hours.

    I’m just not sure how excited I should be for the Fast Track procedures 🙂

    • Melissa says

      the fast track eliminates the need to queue to get your vaccine / PCR test documents checked before the actual immigration process starts. i can’t say how much time it saves, depends on how many flights arrives at the same time as you. In my case it was totally worth it bc the line to check docs was quite long.

  87. Kathy says

    HI Melissa,
    I have filled out the Visit Japan Web with the registration complete, however I did not received a QR code. I have gone over the website & faq questions but there is no clear answer. On one of the question & answer it says there is no longer a QR code displayed. I go into the registration again to complete the registration again and it states QR code may not be updated to register again! Do you have an answer?

    When I fill out the quarantine questions I get a QR code right after I complete the questionnaire. Is this the same as the Visit Japan Web? Do you need 2 different QR codes or does this include the Visit Japan Web? Just wondering if you have some answers. Thank you.

    • Melissa says

      Hi Kathy, it seems they have done away with QR code, so you don’t need to worry about it. In my experience from December 2022 as long as you show the blue screen they’ll let you through.

  88. priscilla says

    Hi, Can i add my parents as family travel with me?Or I can only add infant who are not able to fill out the form? Thank you

    • Melissa says

      I was under the impression that the function is only for kids and each adult needs separate account but i have heard experiences where people register other adults and they are still let through. just make sure your husband each have the blue box screenshot on their phones when you land, so that you can show it easier as you go through the check points.

  89. Almica says

    Hi. I registered and did everything already but I noticed you said to create one account per adult. I only signed up one account for me and I registered my husband under the details of family member traveling with you. You mentioned only kids are added here. Did I do it wrong and should I make another account for my husband still?

    • Melissa says

      I was under the impression that the function is only for kids and each adult needs separate account but i have heard experiences where people register other adults and they are still let through. just make sure your husband each have the blue box screenshot on their phones when you land, so that you can show it easier as you go through the check points.

  90. Ellie says

    Hi! Do I need my physical vaccination card? I submitted a picture of it and it was approved however, I am not sure if I will be able to locate the misplaced card or get a replacement prior to my arrival in Japan

    • Melissa says

      we were never asked to produce the vaccination proof. In Singapore, we only have digital vaccination proof (govt doesnt issue physical card) and they were ok with it.

  91. Dominic says

    Hello thank you so much for the information. I have filled in the forms and got the confirmation I don’t need to test to enter Japan due to having 3 jabs. My parents have also been registered with me under the same account. But I’m wondering do my parents need an account or can we share the same as it’s been approved already for each person.

    • Melissa says

      Hey Dominic. I was under the impression that the function is only for kids and each adult needs separate account but i have heard experiences where people register other adults and they are still let through. just make sure your parents each have the blue box screenshot on their phones when you land, so that you can show it easier as you go through the check points.

  92. Luke Anderson says

    My Pre-registration for quarantine procedures is blue has “Review Completed” for Current Status, but no QR code. Do I need a QR code?

    Thanks Melissa

    • This message is from the Quarantine Documentation Center (QDC) in Japan.

      If you register on/after Dec 28 (Japan time), no need to register passport and Questionnaire Web online.
      So their is no QR code required for Quarantine Procedure,please present the top page of Quarantine pre-registration procedure when arrival.

      • Melissa says

        Thanks Luke. You are correct. We now only need to provide vaccine certificate and that’s it! I will update my blog post accordingly.

  93. MANUELA LEGA says

    Hi Dear Melissa, if I have 2 covid vaccines + the 72h test before departure would it be possible to complete the registration?

  94. MANUELA LEGA says

    Hi Dear Melissa, all helpful and clear. Just one question: if I have 2 covid vaccines + the 72h test before departure would it be possible to complete the registration?

  95. Jonathan says

    Hi Melissa! Thanks so much for the helpful info but are you sure it’s at least “3”? For those who got Johnson Johnson (Janssen) it was only 1 shot and they didn’t need to get another after 6 months. Then those people were allowed to get a moderna booster a year later. Which would make the total 2 shots – not 3. Are you positive they only let you in if you had 3 total?

  96. Razifah Othman says

    thank you so much dear…all of the information is so helpful..finally managed to complete my son vaccination cert issues..thank u very much

  97. Henny says

    How about the Insurance part? We should fill in also if we have travel insurance?

  98. linda lo says

    I have received four covid vaccines, three in 2021 and one in 2022. Are they still valid to be recognized on Visit Japan Web? I am planning to take the fifth one in January 2023.

    • Melissa says

      You’ll be fine as long as you’ve taken 3 shots, no matter how long ago. Also check the type of approved vaccines – i’m not sure which one you took.

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