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Welcome to Girl Eat World – My name is Melissa Hie and I am the “Girl” in Girl Eat World. As the name of this blog might have suggested, I love eating and traveling the world. You probably know me through my Instagram, @girleatworld, but this blog is where I go beyond Instagram to record my travel and food stories!

in Bagan, Myanmar

I started this blog in 2015, for probably the most traditional reason ever – to keep a diary for myself and for friends whom I know will be asking me for travel tips. Before that though, blogging and I go way back – I have been blogging for close to two decades since 2001. I was pretty nerdy as a kid and I was part of the early adopter of blogger.com before switching to WordPress in their beta days, blogging about all kinda of cringe-worthy topics (as any teenager would). My blog did not survive after I started working full-time and I abandoned it back in 2013.

In 2014, I accidentally found success with Instagram and discovered they I still love telling stories of my travels. With this new-found love of storytelling, I decided to give blogging another try and this time I created a dedicated travel blog and named in Girl Eat World in 2015 – which is this blog you are on right now! That’s why you can’t find entries older than 2015 in this blog, although my old blog is still alive and well – which I won’t link since the content is so embarrassing 😐

So long story short, that’s how this blog, Girl Eat World started. Since then, I’ve explored places I never thought I would visit (such as Ukraine, Jordan, middle of Australia, and Tasmania), done the diving trip of a lifetime in Raja Ampat, spent loads of time in Bali and Japan, crossed New Zealand off my bucket list… and the list goes on.

And I just have to highlight that blogging is not my full-time job. I’m still happily employed as a Product Designer in Singapore at the best company ever, called TradeGecko.

My Annual Year in Review

To illustrate my travel journey on this blog every year (and mostly for my own benefit), I do these year-in-review posts. Feel free to check them out if this interests you:

2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018

Do you want to know more?

My Other Interests

Food, Travel and Visual story-telling are my three main passion. That much is obvious from this blog. Other than that, I’m really just a geek girl at heart. I enjoy playing games, mostly RPGs and tower defense game (my first-ever website that taught me how to code was a character shrine for Final Fantasy VII). I also love watching sci-fi shows (I am a die-hard fan of The X-Files since I was 13) and doing some (front-end) coding for work and personal projects.

I also enjoy diving, the kind that takes you underwater, which sort of overlaps with travel most of the time. It takes me to obscure places I never thought I would ever visit. I have logged over 100 dives so far.


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